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For Health-Wellness Clinical Institutions





The movement out of Systemic Crisis leading to:

Health, Beauty & Global Immunity to Mental/Physical/Psychological Dis-eases!










in which entities learn about ENERGY MANAGEMENT that promotes Health & Well being.

Before and After - Care solutions + 12-Months project

We are opening up into a brand new world in which people of all ages are trying to find solutions to override old mental/psychological problems and physical static that are needed to open up the Age of New embodied Beauty and Internal Well-Being.



is often times desired by patients after surgery.

Beyond the Old standards, I created NEW ETHICS based on the principles of Health, Wealth, Equality, Global Economic growth, Integrity, Intelligence and NEW PHILOSOPHY that breaks down the veils of stuck patterns.

Studying anatomy, biology, physics, research within the cellular structure gave me knowledge of how to alchemically decode and re-endode the body/brain/mind with a deep observation of its behaviour and attitudes towards change after and before surgery.

As a teacher of Light Sciences-Technology, counsellor, writer, Fitness instructor, designer, reader-healer, my Spark made me understand

I could make life a passionate journey for everybody.

A human being  experiences varied forms of consciousness at all times, yet mostly in the lower mental degrees which should evaporate from its Essence in order to EMBRACE THE TRUE NATURE AND CAPABILITY OF HUMAN BEAUTY that often times stand in the way of making decisions.​

Many people are hungry to get rid of density such as fear, panic, self-destructive motion, abused mentality and all psychological invasions into the lower fields of consciousness due lack of knowledge in societal avenues to the present day which may prevent them from taking decisions such as

for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.


Deciphering consciousness within phenomena, we discover we can assist people to change consciousness and life styles afer Cosmetic Surgery in which they restore MORAL, ETHICAL & INDIVIDUAL VALUES.


The Evolution of Education requires a New View, New Content, New projects and an Open Mind Policy in order to serve  Physicians, Nurses, New Businesses, New Health/Beauty dynamics, and ongoing programs that assist entities to restore any mental/physical/psychological pattern.

2. "GROWTH" & EVOLUTION ​: The Breath

The breathing system, the nervous system, the bones, the muscles, the endocrine-exocrine system , the heart circulation system and natural blood flow

often times do not allow for any surgery.  Light Scientific Technology  can be applied to heal any of these obstacles or degrees in consciousness that prevent people from changing their belief systems and allowing easy technology to prepare them for any surgery.

Stuck breathing and bacterial feeding is main cause for all illness on earth including the mental/ psychological emotional dense patterns carried over through foods, many lower senses, through the interaction with other people, animal products, low vibrations and frequencies.

The breathing circulation system can be adjusted on several levels  until it flows and waves through the body like without any stuck breathing patterns in the lungs and the brain which is a great solution before undergoing Cosmetic Surgery.

When AIR waves have reached full capacity in the lungs; it assist the Individual healing after and before surgery to continually upgrade that assists the restoration of the human Bio-organic composition with proper nutritional advice. 

THE PROCESS OF ELIMINATION OF OLD BELIEF SYSTEMS, detoxing from deep embedded fears, frustrations, angers, irritations, resistances and many sub-consciousness levels is deep and very beneficial for any entity Clearing of the blood circulation, elimination of addictions and furthering that, breaking old recycling patterns, clearing and strengthening traumatic disorders and many mental issues need to be addressed and educated in a way that patients have access to a help desk that can be applied at any time.



1. Onlines +video content + mp3 content

2. Individual healing/coaching

3. Dietary programs

4.Mental/physiological programs

5. Fitness programs

(Languages: Dutch, French, English)

6. Social Media Scientific content

Significant physical pain after surgery is commonly accompanied by mental and emotional distress, which often gets overlooked

I specialise in recognising signs of anxiety and pain in patients after surgery and provide them with methods for dealing with their issues, which in turn could minimise unintentional consequences, such as drug dependency.

I am a Light Technology specialist who can offer patients and families  alternative therapy based on the patient’s interests, such as Scientific meditational techniques, elimination procedures through the biological/cellular construction;  music and art therapy, in addition to any pain medication they’re prescribed.

Mental/emotional pain often times rises quite  in an unexpected fashion after surgery,

I have 20 years of deep experiences in dealing and eliminating following issues.


Clearing the Blood circulation from any toxins

Clearing the breathing system into perfect health

Aligning to body into a perfect peaceful, stress-free environment

Elimination of addictions

Preparing for Anesthesia 

Mental issues such as stress causing

  • fatigue

  • difficulty making decisions

  • problems with memory

  • eating more or less than usual

  • a loss of interest in activities

  • irritability and restlessness

  • slow movements and speech

  • feelings of anxiety, guilt, stress, or a combination:Nausea, insomnia,  dry mouth, headaches, hyperventilation, hot flashes or chills, high blood pressure, trembling, uncontrollable crying, trouble concentrating, feeling tense and jumpy, anticipating the worst, rashes, f, dizziness, muscles aches, digestive disorders, shortness of breath, feeling detached from reality, panic attacks, ...

  • feelings of despair or hopelessness with no specific cause

Symptoms of psychological trauma

  • Shock, denial, or disbelief

  • Confusion, difficulty concentrating

  • Anger, irritability, mood swings

  • Anxiety and fear

  • Guilt, shame, self-blame

  • Withdrawing from others

  • Feeling sad or hopeless

  • Feeling disconnected or numb

Physical symptoms:

  • Insomnia or nightmares

  • Fatigue

  • Being startled easily

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Racing heartbeat

  • Edginess and agitation

  • Aches and pains

  • Muscle tension

Mental and cognitive problems after surgery.

Post-operative delirium, confusion, hallucinationsdepression, mania, and even psychotic behaviour.

Physical well- being

  • Fitness levels such as a combination of Dru-Yoga, dance, muscular power training.

  • Tissue and nerves healing/growth through individual Light Scientific Techniques

  • Dietary support :

  • Fasting

  • Detox programs

  • Vegan diets

  • Immunity boost programs

Please email if interested in a session or personalised program:

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