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Unique opportunity to manifest with Team efforts!



Invite your "SELF" into your new Atmosphere and Manifestation capabilities!

Prosperity is such an issue on earth and the least understood energy when it comes to DOING WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

That is taking action and ECLIPSING the old belief systems and many times old family ties deeply embedded within your DNA.

Start out everything in the NEW NOW; eliminating all of old, whether it be your believe systems, low esteem, unworthiness, mass consciousness and consciousness from former lifetimes such as habits, fears, thinking patterns, psychological warfares, educational systems, job related issues,  resistances and so on to understand how you can generate your lifestyle into financial freedom, freedom of speech, physical/emotional health and create a protection from fears that makes you drown over and over again into the lower levels of limitation.


The alignments will take you through a journey of eclipsing old recycling beliefs you may have that holds you back from living an ABUNDANT lifestyle on all levels in order to ALLOW and work with a new mindset  that ATTRACTS financial abundance, free flow expression in relationships, creating a new business , new jobs, new perspectives and understanding what held you back.

EVERY CHACRA will be addressed in this guided recording to assist the release of stuck patterns and the over-thinking process we have with money that rather holds us back from receiving abundance. Your energy will be set into the Fields of Instantaneous Manifestations in which you no longer hold any negativity.  When both energies start to fuse you create your vision of abundance.


Intense Alignment: 1hour 14 mins on mp3: 33,00







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