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Being an empath in this life is actually the most beautiful thing that can happen to you, yet so many people suffer from not being able to protect themselves, to deal with situations in a beautiful way, that benefits which is having the higher senses pilled with knowledge, and a high level of intuition. When you feel what people say and sense what their intentions are; you may easily sense conspiracies , you can smell their skin, their way of living and interactions with other people. Being an empath and learning how to deal with it is actually very very easy as we have the self, the internal self, the self protective bulb, the energy level in which we decide to live as we allow ourselves to tap into the outer world in the social world; be it social media or just socialising in a world in which you meet up with people, with strangers, with friends and other connections. There are many different levels we have to deal with because at times we restrict ourselves to speak out and so we block our beautiful throat centre, we block our beautiful heart centre maybe a million times a day without even knowing it. So if you're an empath and you have some knowledge about the Rays in creation, IT BECOMES EASY TO UNDERSTAND: so the 12 Rays for example that we find in the zodiac signs are also to be found in the 12 planetary systems and 12 universes as the same colors we have in our energy fields matches that. Allowing the outer energies to move into your body and energy fields can easily cause depression while lowering your vibration and causing tons of emotional content that is however not necessary. Today we can easily shift into a Self protective mode through Light Scientific codes that proof to work very deeply as it is and always will be connected to the Origin of Creation. While the Earth, the elements in Fashion and its fabrics are moving through a healthier lifestyle. This is the mean reason I started to create Star Codes that assists everybody; as there are many people not willing to know about meditation and their reconnection to their Source, they now have the option to work with beautiful Designs and let them be part of their daily endeavours in other for all peoples to unify and find joy in life: ALCHEMY IN FASHION is the new hype that senses the new vibes ready to transition with all business. Enjoy the following code: "THE AQUAMARINE' ARC

Within this Powerful code you can see you see two black triangles in the middle, making up that diamond of light and that is the highest detector in the universe you can have that is a black omnipotent Protector. The aquamarine ray is a high level energy wave that will bring through the perfectly balanced bond between male and female energies connected to the Aquamarine Gemstone as part of the Arc of the Covenant or the Origin of Creation that is waving through the union into self so nobody can kick into your own union which is very powerful. In the middle of the design you witness the male/female eyes playing out, getting together. Somehow, it is a very very complete Design that lifts your consciousness and vibration, especially when meeting up with people and in need of some self protection. You may also sense to become more passionate when wearing this code on a t-shirt, or a hoodie, or the cups are very nice as well as the tumblers because if you drink from that cup - THE CODE WILL INTEGRATE IN THE BODY- with whatever you fancy to drink and so you drink that CODE into the body in which it will start to perform Alchemy; magical !

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Interesting how simple a code can work

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