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Alignments & Star Codes to Rise Your Fire & Clear the Waters with the New Tree OF LIFE!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Beautiful people, Time has come for your New Sun to Shine Bright,

Beautiful People,

Time has come for your New Sun to Shine Bright and allow the Divine to enter your New Tune! AFTER ALL YOUR ENERGY COES FROM THE SUN, YOU ARE A STARLIGHT

Nothing in the Universe is more expressive, illuminative, transformative then your CONNECTIVITY to the NEW CENTRAL SUN that only knows the new Tree of Life with its 22 Branches of exclusive deep emanations, that guide your vibe back into the Grapevine with SOUNDS aligned as in the Origin, yet MODERNISED.

We All know somehow that sounds and songs can transform the Human Light Vehicle, but did you know that A LIST OF SONGS FOR EACH FIRE BALL (Sephiroth on the Tree of Life) can change and shift consciousness very quickly?

Here is an example of a list connected to the YELLOW SUN VIBRATION, Imagine completing that list, making up 12 bodies with 12 songs for the 12 pillars of Light and adding the 10 Higher rays making up a huge list that transcends the body back into the ETHERIC BODY merging the SPIRITUAL BODY.

Is 5G Radiation and the Electromagnetic Fields Killing You? -SharlotChi - On Health.


The Solar Power is our Home, our Origin! Moving from the Old cells into Light Particles


The Alchemy that comes with the Education of Living as AN ELEMENT OF THE DIVINE,

AS A STAR that only knows Living Lite/Light,

Requires us to reconnect with every element in existence, which is HUGE.


I WAS ASKED TO UPGRADE THE DESIGN OF the new tree of life: IT WILL TAKE ME MORE THEN A MONTH TO DESIGN 22 SEPHIROTH, but I am very passionate about it as each BALL OF FIRE offers a book of knowledge or information that allows our bodies to move into LIGHT PARTICLES AND LIGHT WAVES, including regeneration, rejuvenation, regrowth - which is a huge process that can only come through passion.

Here are a few example of some of the Sephiroth bringing the NEW TREE OF LIFE TOGETHER: They all have an appropriate Hebrew letter connected to them which makes the alignments very powerful.


The Most Important Alignment however FLOWS WITH THE ORIGIN OF CREATION AND THE BEAUTY OF THE AQUAMARINE DREAM TEAM: Another Beautiful Rise in Vibration and renewal into the Joy Factor is the Alignment through the water of the body and the Origin of the Aquamarine Ray as part of the Aquamarine Dream Team and reason why I design so many Aquamarine designs is because every other ray acts like a sub ray, or is part of it.

Drinking from the Well of the Divine brings you EASE AND GRACE TRANSITIONS

ANY Elixer that goes with AN ENCODED BOTTLE will be fusing with the code on that bottle and

reason why designs are so powerful to understand: It only needs the water, or Juice you put into the bottle to blend in for 10 minutes to perform its MAGICAL CLEARING PROCESS IN THE BODY

Here are a few new designs and according ENERGY BOTTLES:

Increases the clarity of thinking, stimulates the development of talent, gives inspiration and energy to perform, PURIFIES THE BODY FROM FROM OLD SYNTHETICS & TOXICITY, strengthens intuition and helps to find the right paths in life while allowing Consciousness to shift WHILE DRINKING FROM THE AQUAMARINE WELL THAT MAKES DREAMS COME THROUGH WITHIN THE AQUAMARINE LITE EARTH CRYSTALLINE GRID.

I hope you enjoy this design as WHAT YOU LIKE, LOVE, EXPRESS MATTERS!

When crystals in the Home Remain Dormant without Activity:

  1. How can we upgrade into the next Crystallisation process with our CRYSTALS? WE WILL NEED TO EQUAL OUR ENERGY LEVELS TO WHAT THEY OFFER IN ALIGNMENT, CONSCIOUSNESS, KNOWLEDGE, INTELLIGENCE AND CO-CREATION WITH YOUR BODY, YOUR HOME GRID, THE LIGHT PLANE GRIDS AND THE MASSIVE SUBGRIDS. When not upgrading the body with the ELEMENTS IN THE HOME, they will be of no use. Energy needs to match energy. EVERY ANGEL-LITE, MASTER, AND MANY OTHER SPECIES upgrade NON STOP for that is Living in Divine Alignment as creation is endless and flows with Evolution of Divine Directions, Inspirations, Knowledge and Intelligences.

  2. Crystals can only perform their ask as in assisting your upgrades in Business, skills, talents, transformative knowledge and many other gifts when your Consciousness and Body is in continual upgrade back into its Universal Connections: that is the DIVINE TIME WHEN THINGS START TO SHIFT FOR YOU AND LIFE BECOMES BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE : your communication is optimum with all the elements and Divine Species. MOVING FROM SOUL INTO SPIRIT offers that beautiful Journey into your Universal Memory that can only be opened when receiving a CODE. REASON WHY codes are the New Ascension Movement.

  3. When we refuse to go to the next level of INTERSTELLAR CONNECTIONS termed EVOLUTION, time , energy management and connections as well as our biology changes all of the time: One may be required to reset the Elements in the Home several times, including elimination, subtract & add. BUT ESSENTIALLY having the Knowledge, the drive to do so and follow your intuition, guidance or ask for assistance.

Everything you will ever need to feel the MASSIVE VORTEXES OF LIGHT through the energy field, the body, the home is your UNIVERSAL body that STARTED TO MOVE IN WITH PARALLEL UNIVERSES and reason why we can create and are allowed to CREATE THROUGH THE DIVINE DESIGN CENTER OR DIVINE D’SIGN center also termed DIVINE D’ZAYIN center: the Hebrew Letter ZAYIN gets you there when toning it and focussing within YOUR CAPSTONE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BRAIN .

If you have installed the capstone (through the online Alchemy & Self Mastery): IT IS YOUR MOST IMPORTANT CENTER TO UPGRADE WITH and receive designs, your OWN CODES - as that is the ALCHEMY MOVEMENT - YOUR OWN NUMBERS

If your feel some crystals in the home are not as hot as fire when holding them in meditation, then the alignment in the body/home has not been upgraded into LIVING LIGHT with the ELEMENTS IN THE BODY.

A good way to start that out is to INTEGRATE THE “VIBE & RISE SERIES” that prepare the Pillars of Light to move into the Temple of Light and all the way in the PHOENIX OR DRAGON WAVES OF YOUR UNIVERSAL BODIES.

In addition, it is imperative to bring through all the alignments to the elements and KNOW THEIR MEANING such as the upgrades of Alpha Omega chords, intersecting chords, macrocosmic meridians , new application of numbers and languages that bring through new D’ZAYINS ‘ (Desings) that open Geometric patterns that attract and bring though your own information regarding any subject.

When the upgrades with the Elements fails, any alignment in the body has a hard time to FLOW WITH LIVING LIGHT and reason why many do not feel the vortexes of Light moving in the body like 24/7. The Divine simple terms it as part of your educations.

EDUCATION AND EVOLUTION is the only reason for residing within the present day MASTER PLAN CONNECTED TO YOUR MASTER PLAN.

Enjoy your Return into the Great Central Sun, enjoy what Spirit is gifting you with and allow your own designs to come through while receiving your own information - BECAUSE YOU CAN! You are gifted! You are Precious, please remember Who you Are!

Thank you so much, enjoy the New Bottles and Life giving Energies to quickly transform the Muddy Waters into Crystal Clear Rivers; a true gift for the body.

Love, SharlotChi.

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