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SharlotChi Light/Star Codes & Transformative Designs


They have the capacity to bring deep transformations in the body and the brain while integrating the design that allows the changes in your life. My Streetwear empowers the body because words/designs have impact and work deep within the body , especially during  these special times on the planet, many people need that little hint that pushes them forward, that is what art is for! 

The codes serve especially to make transitions a lot smoother and easier when aligning in meditational effort and ALLOWING SELF to see that every Vibe turns into a Frequency, every frequency turns into a geometric design that formulate knowledge and transformation. These New codes are a necessity because they assist you to move out of OLD CONCEPTS, OLD BELIEV SYSTEMS, OLD GEOMETRICAL PATTERNS THAT HAVE NO MORE IMPACT ON THE BODY for they lost their working mechanics. Wearing my Art, is wearing your LIGHT ON THE PLANET that will keep on transmuting densities very fast so we can embrace Equality, Integrity, Serenity and humility that leads to balance and well being for every body.

Note: You can customise the size of the design on all products! (except on canvas)
Click on "PRODUCTS: ALL" & view all designs, click on a design you like and view its products

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