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Opening to the “EYE OF THE DIVINE” or all seeing eye could be equated to breaking down the pineal architecture such as the 911 tower.

Imagine the work it will take, the understanding it needs to rebuild and the EXACTITUDE of knowledge which can only come through one day at a time.

It comes along the sixth sense and equal frequencies. One cannot just train supper consciousness when physical fitness doesn’t match that mentality and a polished non emotional yet extremely sensitive body.


A lot of training will come through this episode such as clearing the old sounds and visions as connected to the astral planes which will make room for your physical eyes and ears to integrate sound waves and a new tv screen that rebuilds the pineal into "The Eye of the Divine Energy Field". 

In this episode we will go through an intense clearing of all the nerves connected to the eye as well as the muscles and erect the muscles of the eye along the clearing and healing of the entire anatomy such as the iris, the cornea, the eyeball, the lenses. This is actually an intense purification that allows the realignment to the power of vision in the pineal and the power of the word (or speaking truth through the vocal chords which will be addressed as well).

You will receive the technical tool to speak truth tones and equally , people in your direct surrounding will have no option but to speak truth which is quite a festival to witness and to handle. With it comes the options to ground truth in your surrounding and holding a grid for that promotes the environment to change drastically.

These alignment should be done for at least a week, after that , they can be applied at any time you deem appropriate, it will always bring through a new return investment and deeper insight as you grow within Light configurations and healing modalities.


You will receive :

1 mp3 :  96 mins alignment, Guide Lines and designs to adjust/44€


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