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The true value of men steps into the scenes when one starts understanding the substance of light and how to work with

it through a myriad degrees or levels.

Leaving traditions and cultures for what they are behind and understanding the correlation between different levels of consciousness takes a lot of upgrades and conscious study within self.  Remembering certain vast potentials within the self will help you to make sense from nonsense. Reality always relies on expansion and the ability to investigate fearlessly.

The quality of your experiences depends on your brain capacities. The more we subtract the nonsense in the mind, the more the subtle mind becomes active because the brain can only take but so much information , therefore modern day lightbody or Merkivah is needed not only to expand but to store many levels of consciousness when the brain is pilled up with cobwebs/static. This episode will set up the balancing scales within the hypocampus/seahorse in the brain which is needed to open up remembrance in the heart center as it is very stress related.

Selftalk always misses the point for what you talk about is what you get in the brain, in other words a reflection of what you are at in your life instead of opening new doorways.


You wil receive :

1mp3 creordings (52mins) + instruction doc + 2designs to assist the alignments coming in/22€

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