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OF EXTREME EMOTIONS such as fear, sadness, panic, omd belief systems....


Clearing all invaded bacteria and infections in lymphoid tissue!

As the body consists of more then 85% water and water carries or absorbs emotions, it is quite natural that the clearing of the water in the body such as the kidneys, the lymph nodes , and all organs will effect its output on YOUR INTUITION. When the mind is not free of earthly affairs it will continue to recycle all of old like memories, unsettled business and relationships.


The first section covers an EXTREMELY DEEP  guided  1 hour clearing  of angers, disagreements, fears , old belief systems and other emotional turmoil such as resistances, stubbornness that causes stuck breathing, swollen body parts, stomach problems and many other ailments due to deep distorted elementals through the WATER OF THE BODY.

YOU CAN EXPECT : Clearing all invaded bacteria and infections in lymphoid tissue associated with the lymphatic system which is concerned with immune functions in defending the body against infections and the spread of tumours.

Clearing of the kidneys  : The kidneys remove wastes, control the body's fluid balance, and regulate the balance. Bacteria may infect the kidney, usually causing back pain and fever. Minerals in urine form crystals (stones), which may grow large enough to block urine flow and leg swelling (edema) may also be a symptom.



The second section will cover PEACE FULL MEASURES which will be integrated through some quite easy technology and support system meaning you will be able to set yourself in such a deep resonating peace that nothing can touch you any longer. The effect will be that you become SO CALM & SERENE in your walk & talk even literally that it will surprise yourself !


THIS IS NEEDED TO OPEN YOUR INTUITION TEN FOLD so you will learn to really TRUST Self on all levels. Trusting Self means you don’t need another entity to validate you, you start trusting your instincts which brings you in a space where you can truly set your goals for a new life, gain knowledge about ACTIONS you need to take in order to MANIFEST your DREAM !


It tremendously assists people with overly OBSESSED BRAINWAVES,

extremely agitated nerves or anyone who needs to really gain perspective on what they want to achieve.

PEOPLE WITH SLEEPING PROBLEMS AND RUNNING THE MP3 THROUGH  BEFORE BEDTIME WILL HAVE AN EASE AND GRACE PEACE FULL NIGHT and is also very beneficial to give your emotions time to leave the body while sleeping.


In the third section you will open up your alignment to become observative and set the records to

FLOW 100 % WITH YOUR INTUITION at all times.

You will receive :

1 mp3 : 1hour2mins + 5 designs + 5 pages work instructions/33€

Please email for more information :



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