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The Power of Enlighted Conversations via Social Media:
"Stillness opens The Lost Keys in Ascension “
By SharlotChi 2021

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Thank you so much  for any Free donations, every single dollar, euro or yen will go into my Project to save the abused Animals Kingdoms for which I am currently designing Codes on apparel on my Etsy shop

The book came into creation via social media interlocutions as the scripture had been written over years of deep engagement, and knowing how much humanity would benefit from this True Life Changing story. 

It was truly written on FB/messenger and still exists!

Re-Learning Light Grid technology basically puts us all back into the ORIGIN OF CREATION WITH THE STARS, THE GALAXIES, THE MOONS, THE SUNS, THE UNIVERSES.

Today it is not just a CHOICE to regain and integrate KNOWLEDGE, it is a must to ride the tracks with The Physicians, Scientists & Astronomers of Spiritual Origin that redirects & rewires our consciousness into the Domains of Holy projects.

This first book explains MY 20 YEARS OF STUDY WITH THE UNIVERSE & how much we need to RE-FINE, RE-DESIGN & RE-ALIGN  our ORGANISM to match the ORGANIC CONSTRUCTION OF THE UNIVERSE, THE MOON & THE SUN , and how to do that beyond mundane parlour. 

ALL THESE LIGHT PHYSICS MADE ME become an Author, an Artist, a Channel, a Dancer, a spiritual Scientist, an Animal Communicator leading self now to create healing project for Children, the repair of the eco system and our Animal Kingdoms.

REACHING into the Consciousness of the planetary Moon demands the Light Tech knowledge being applied in the body that moves with the water bodies of EARTH along the water composition of the human body.That should makes sense as is what I am willing to educate to prepare crew members.

Cutting out the astral nonsense brings through Universal Light Science and the intelligence needed to comprehend. When flying to the Moon, the Spaceship must have prepared its wings, so does its Crew because without the Phoenix rising with many fire engines, how will artists be able to balance Forces/Sources.

Dear Moon Poetry.jpeg

My dedicated Poetry for the Artists involved in

The Dear Moon Project by

Yusaku  Maezawa



A True Story reveals:


Invite your Unforgettable Journey

with this new Book


Out of the Old into the Gold is A True Story that played out between two individuals via Social Media and willing to live a life of reality beyond illusions which is the Spirit of this age or The Ascension Movement or the reality of moving beyond the tragedies of Earth life in 2021

As we met like two strangers in Paradise via the recognition of the "like" button, commenting and engaging with interesting posts , I was thinking to just message this entity and see what his take was on many different topics. Little did I know that the messages between us moved into a space of many many hours per day for a very long period in time, or years of intense dialogues about sacred geometry, how waves of light format into the body and move into sacred numerology AND GEOMETRIC PATTERNS CONNECTED TO STARS, MOONS & SUNS and individual designs opening up into authenticity many are looking for. RECONNECTING TO THE ORIGIN OF CREATION , makes us understand how much THE MOON PATTERN MATTERS AS AN AUTOMATIC FLOW


 A story between a Bull or Aries and the Horns of a Capricorn went into many deviations as you can imagine, hitting the heat of many sleepless nights with conversations breathing tender compassion, authenticity, presence, genuine, and concrete objects touching the hearts of many. Two bullheaded entities that are so realistic, intuitive pragmatic, sensible, tough, analytical and persistent can often times swing the pendulum of a conversation into a rough and tough ride in which words could easily zap an entity off tracks as truth needed to be told. As the story unfolded the Ascension movement and what it takes to understand it, we did not have an easy time, yet a profound conversation to move out of the prison bars of earth and up into the rising of Truth and Authenticity we are all experiencing.


Many people through Social Media Palaver and on the planet can easily relate to this story as it explains how come many have been held back on their path from the Matrix into the Crystalline Light Realms which is playing out right now in 20201 as people are starting to wake up into TRUTH and how much the pipe dream kept them in a world of pure fantasy versus the reality of living a passionate and empowered life that has many purposes to it. Although the story moves through many deep rainbows, neither he nor me would ever impoverish what we had to say, neither would we cut our temper down just to please, it was non existent. We would always support each other and regenerate dialogues into something new when discussing, observing, questioning life based solutions even when they jumped into a conference of less desired degrees! No mercy.


We were the Pioneers on the Ascension path many are experiencing now in 2021. We were awake since birth, we were abused and mocked by the masses for LIGHT EXPOSES THE THEATRE OF TRUTH, no more no less. 

May this story assist the forgotten and helpless ones on this plane of existence and assist our children, youth and people of all ages to also awaken to the falseness of Spiritual Growth being promoted in extreme disrespectful ways that have blocked the path for the many that still held on to their purity and integrity. May you find many answers in this story that explains how to rise beyond the constraints of false Spiritual shoes and move into the path of Healing,Truth and empowerment regarding Spirit Science and the new Psychology that rises from the Physics of Divine.


No single word out of this whole story has been left out, I left everything in its Original content to give people the feeling of what it takes to explain how Ascension works, why we need to do this and rise beyond the zombi styles of old living standards into the beauty of Spiritual Essences on equal grounds. Therefor, one can easily trace the hours spent in communications and days left out; although it truly felt like living together as we would rise with the Sun on Messenger/FB and say good night when the Stars started to shine their vibes. I also left out some grammatical formality as it would reduce and devitalise the charm of the chat and embroilment.

The journey was incredible strong and surprising with every new angle, twists and turns. May this adventure, boost, inspire, reassure and encourage everybody to stand strong in their Spiritual Power and assist the rising into Justice, Health and Equality!

People have so many questions regarding Light Body, The Eye of the Divine, how healing works, relationships, why businesses fail, what does not work and why. Between the Moon & The Sun explains in deep detail how to rise beyond the Matrix and it is important to lift Self into the degrees of crystallising the body through Crystalline Grid techniques that move with the restoration of our ecology, the restoration of healthy foods and natural health for the Animal Kingdoms. We can not move forward without balancing out everything in existence for that is how we find and re-integrate, peace, serenity, truth and devotion that open the gates into Authenticity and beyond.  I was guided by the Divine to publish all these conversations as its content is so unique, it covers what cannot possible be found in any workshop, alignment or on the google machine for communication is what opened this First Golden Age in Aquarius; and so the book explains how to set that in and move beyond complaint and lesser mentality. Enjoy almost 500 pages of deep engagement, I am SharlotChi.

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Thank you so much  for any Free donations, every single dollar, euro or yen will go into my Project to save the abused Animals Kingdoms for which I am currently designing Codes on apparel on my Etsy shop

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