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Individual Session : The Breathing System

Everything in life is defined by your breathing capabilities. Stuck breathing and bacterial feeding is main cause for all illness on earth including the mental/ psychological emotional dense codes one agreed too to ALLOW in the body and carried over through foods, many lower senses, through ones’ interaction with other people, animal products, low vibrations and frequencies such as implemented through the media machines and  its mind control.

Understanding how consciousness and states of awareness such as fears, angers, low worth, depressions, frustrations, self manipulations, nervous breakdown, the incapability to communicate, and other mental fractures that departed from birthing into the density of matrix laden debris can cause a high level of stuck breathing which causes the cellular structure to accumulate disease upon disease. 


Light Technology that is being applied in the session will clear out the lungs, the spinal column, the glands in your throat and consciousness that keeps you from breathing at full potential where understanding , acceptance and transformation takes place or where consciousness has ROOM to dig into the higher levels of thinking that eliminate dense lower senses and physical diseases.

Realigning the body to opening the circulation system and creating a flow where the air can move in the most minuscule details of the body is most important to eliminate any mental/physical/psychological disease and opens other capacities that you KNOW that need to be upgraded into the Origin of Self : Fear & incapability to communicate, fear of judgement, fear of being Self, physical weakness, addictions, low mentality, old stuck attachments.

Everything needs to balance out in order for your breathing system to create an open River

 Realignment to the Eternal Breath of Life can be done in an individual session as it needs to mathematically be opened in the body to create an eternal flow of AIR & repair.

This session will done 2 times during 45 min. as the spine will need clearing and realignment.

A technique will be provided to keep the body and the brain aligned so you create an open portal point or bridge through the thyroid and parathyroid glands in the throat. Depending on the severity of diseases, I will also offer other alignments on request to keep the flow smooth and easy : Dietary issues, upgrades in mentality, physical strength ....

The session can be done on Skype or Whats App, in person or over the phone 

2days in a row or with intervals 45 mins/day.

90 mins/222€

You will be contacted to choose 1 schedule out of 3 by email


Please email if interested for more information :


Thank you 

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