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The root of the problem with any relationship comes from ego first, than parents, then society and all of your ASSOCIATIONS …..

We will clear out any attachment you may have from former intimate relationships and other as they stick like a ticker tape on your sexual glands and your hormonal glands. Also, even when having intimacy through imagination, IT STICKS on the entire system, so be careful with that. But this online also provides a quick release through a code whenever things happen and you had wished they didn't.... as we all sometimes do those silly things.

The most intense and deepest clearing this time around is all about getting into the unseen stuck patterns that were held back from us .

Today as we are lifting the veil of almost anything; it is really all about getting into the root of any relationship and its ASSOCIATIONS such a people, food addictions, job insecurities, and essentially YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE COSMOS because that defines whether you live a life full of beauty or a life addicted to insecurities. And of course the male/female aspects can only balance when releasing stuck essences.


 This online, when done for 7 days in a row is extremely potent and can be applied at any time during your life when the need hits to release anything you really NEVER WANTED. It is strong, to the point and shifts your consciousness immediately because when deleting the old related patterns, you literally open doors for more beautiful LIFTING relationships or the exactitude of what you really want.

That can be sent out when the OLD WAY OF CONNECTING HAS LOST ITS VALUE.


One who is hungry for love is ESSENTIALLY hungry for Light.

People have forgotten the true Essence of Love long ago as anger, fear, sadness and impurities from the old mindset let you experience all the lesser degrees.
Power control from outside forces but also ego related issues such as arrogance, unworthiness, deeper such as the sexual Lady/gent industries running these days have hardly anything to do with love and make one fall apart even more disastrously then ever before. 

The heart of the problem is always returning to the level of EQUALITY and running that wave into a wild card of mutual respect, integrity and humility for that would give one a clear VIEW of what went wrong in SELF first and understanding it from that vintage point instead of EXPECTING anything from anyone and sink into many levels of CONVENIENCE.

It seems to be the hardest struggle ever witnessed on earth and reason why so many people stay in relationships that are no longer beneficial on any level which BREAKS the body and moving forward massively or peoples always returning to that same relationship and not SEEING their way out.

Deeper explanation will be given as of how important it can be, if not the most important CLEARING ever of bacteria, obsessions and misalignment that run the hormonal system.

You will receive 2 mp3 that covers the elimination of old relationships, your associations with the term ‘Love”, open up the gates of equality and a work order that propels you into the renewal of love.

This is an extreme strong meditation that can be done at any time as the technique will continually set you free from any unwanted connection or attachment.

It will release the root from any interaction and release the heart along the petuitary gland.


Repeat this meditation for 7 days and any time during the year whenever you need to eliminate anyone: THIS IS AN EXTREME POWERFUL RELEASE WITH NO RETURN.

Exactly what we need.


You will receive :

1 mp3 = 24 mins introduction

1 mp3 = 1 H 14 mins clearing

3 designs to work with and shift consciousness

Gifting :: 33




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