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& move with all the elements, the eternals, the immortals, all species into

When moving in with the Crystalline Grids, it is important to learn the following Alignments


 LEARN TO SET UP  YOUR 12 CHACRAS in the body and initiate the chacras with 12 crystals set in the body through the Ethers

Set up A PERFECT LIGHT ENERGY FIELD around the set up of your chacra system: Your Light Body Foundation!

That will enable you to channel or receive information as well as getting to know the 12 energy fields of creation so you can work with these bodies and their consiousness. These are 144 levels of consiousness that will be reinstalled as we lost them during the fall


Initiation into THE ETERNAL HEALING POWER and heal yourself, other people and your environment. 

​YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO OVERRIDE THE NEGATIVITY OF THE MATRIX AND CREATE FROM THE CRYSTALLINE GRID STRUCTURES THAT ARE ANCHORED ALL OVER EARTH: once this is being anchored in the home, the negative forces can no longer touch you and bring you down. This part is extremely important to enable Self to Crystallise and heal your body first: these grids have been rebuild from 2000 -2030 through the many with knowledge, which enable GLOBAL ASCENSION.


ALIGNING TO THE SPIRITUAL BODY : This includes opening the chakras of the feet, hands and the high heart, opening to your Spiritual body and alignment to the Breath of Source. Stuck breathing and bacterial feeding is main cause for all illness on earth including the mental/ psychological emotional negativity carried over through foods, many lower senses through the interaction with other people, animal products, low vibrations and frequencies. This way you will be able to set new goals, to work towards them and attract the right people into your space as you tune into your AUTHENTICITY with Passion, Perseverance and Strength, ready to move on  



The Following Online Seminars/Journeys into Light Body & Ascension
2024-2025 offer all theses alignments

1, 2 & 3 are Advanced Light Body Trainings into The Eternal Healer Initiation,
& the Elestial/Universal Body, & They Follow each other up

4. "The Eternal Healer" is a smaller course initiation into the Eternal Healer & The Pillar of Light
that allows you to move quickly into 
The Rise & Vibe series, & The Elements series

Here is more info about the Crystalline Grids set up & Light Body Alignments

that assists you to understand a little more before making choices.


The Crystalline Light Earth Grid links all of the crystals in the Earth and crosses major portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways that connect the Earth to cosmic forces/sources and other dimensional worlds. It is through this grid that the New Light Earth CONSCIOUSNESS PARADIGMS is being anchored and reason for the many shifts in the brain, the body such as the bone structure and diets shifting a lot these days because the human body cannot withstand the old energies any longer.

The old brain and body connected to ego has energy centers called chakras, organs, muscles, bones, infrastructure all inter communicating with the nervous system, veins, arteries …. It was easy for the chakras to be influenced by exterior stimuli and they would need frequent realignments, or recalibration to avoid diseases from filtering in, vulnerabilities, implants hybrids and other things to create blocks and imprison the light/intelligence/data from entering the body! Therefor, eliminating the chakra system and replacing them with the Pillar of Light (in all courses) will allow you to live beyond the matrix at all times

The shifts that are occurring now is because of the ”demand” to clear the body out and supply it with the proper elements needed for this time . The best way however to do it is through anchoring  this Home Base light Earth Grid SOLID to ASSISTS THE BODYS’ TRANSMUTATION from being a dense metal to being liquid light. Liquid light does not carry disease. Once this HOME BASE STATION has been set up, there is no end to what it can do : it assists your healing out of the density, it clears all negativity, mass control and manipulations going on.  The GRID will travel with you every where you go, all you need to do is pull it up through a dense situation such as in schools, police, injustices being done, violence etc or anything you encounter during the day and then hold it and/or simply move clearing energies through which you will learn to do. Those interested in willing to anchor and hold this Basic Home Base Grid are highly recommended to teach it to others as well. On the other hand as we are massively balancing out the old and gathering so many things for health and educational new Light Earth services, there is a call to MEN  in order to equalize out.


Here is what we will run through  :

There is a central shaft running from the crown opening at the top of the head, down the spine to the opening at the bottom of the energy centers at the perineum which will opened.

In this session we will also open all 12 universes as connected to its particular Light consciousness  in your energy wheels which when practicing becomes a beam of multi dimensional Light you will need to be able to hold your Light Earth Home Base Grid. You then become ONE with our environment as your beam of light in the grid will transmit and receive pure life Source/forces through the grid which makes you feel firmly grounded.

After that the palms of your hands, feet and high heart centers will be opened to max potential in order for the energies to flow through easily.

We will set the spiritual body up as is required today.

In this model, bodies can no longer be controlled by implants, chemical mind control, or other means, as in the past which is quite a relief.

Then we will start encoding the set up of your Grid and anchor that in the body.

Every point on the grid, that which now acupuncturists access with needles, is an energy exchange point, or A FORM OF COMMUNICATION/INFORMATION/DATA. As the light forces and sources pulsate through these points of entry, healing comes through easily and means BEING IN THAT LIGHT EARTH GRID AND KEEPING UP WITH THAT FLOW in harmony with everything else.

In other words , giving you a much easier time to release what needs to go and move on with your life on a quite different pace as the grid has the capacity to open any and old wavelengths you can tap into such as the telepathic waves, scaler waves, sound waves … There is no end to what the grid teaches you as information comes through wording, music, other codes such as numbers , designs, geometries ….

We remember our multi-dimensional selves and higher purpose for being here on Earth. We open up our consciousness and expand our awareness, having inner vision, telepathic connection, awareness of other dimensions and worlds, and clear perception of the energies we are working with or are moving towards. Everything depends on your level of Light anchoring, cultivating and

understanding its work orders and information.

NO MORE AIRY FAIRY dreamworlds ! but working consciously with the cosmos, receiving data and its application !


EVERYBODY CAN DO THIS SET UP no matter if you are used to working with light or not as the alignments given will be enough to open and remember light. Grids set around the world and carry portal such as  POWER PLANTS that continue to grow

through crystalline planted seeds or the human body.


Please, never hesitate to contact me if you should have any questions:

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