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Mature Science of Light Technology and Education in all Systems brings through solutions.

The movement out of Systemic Crisis leading to:

Health or Global Immunity to Mental/Physical/Psychological Dis-eases!

opens New Skills & stronger Team Building











Re-institutionalising MENTAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH into its Origin requires  

Re-Organising Self with the Re-Organisation of  Earth & the Universe back into the PHILOSOPHY of Health that assists to open up vast amounts of artistic skills that are uniques

and thus the repair of the Human condition moves synchrone with the repair of the soil




















Looking back today, it is easy to understand why the meta-fluctuation, which changed the world in some fairly radical ways, was dampened back into the existing paradigm that did not have the coherence to 'carry' humanity over the threshold of a rigid ceiling of "unchangeable" values and beliefs.

We are precariously adrift in an instability threshold as the delicate balance of life on planet earth has been severely disrupted.


The systemic crisis is existential, the environmental, spiritual, social, educational, economic, and political crisis' all have the same root.

That root is a 'natural' errancy inherent in the perceptive mechanisms of the dualistic neural-mental consciousness structure.

Today we need to repair the health of nature, the soil and all the imbalances in order to allow new nutrients to fulfil a New path in the Evolution of Education. New tutorials, along new human conduct regarding the fabric of mental/psychological capabilities need to be reviewed and rewired based on the ethics of respect and integrity. A Masters' degree does no longer cover skills, Knowledge, Intelligence, Scientology and certainly not maturity. Education has been held back for eons now. Many employers start engaging with knowledgeable people that have gone through vast amounts of self education not to be found in any University for it was not allowed. A paper in hands of young people does no longer prove any skills and certainly not knowledge and intelligence. THIS AGE IS PERFECTLY TIMED TO BRING EDUCATION BACK INTO THE OPENING OF ALL FACULTIES IN THE BRAIN far beyond the known parameters students start to reject with good reason.  


STUDENTS worldwide need to be given the opportunity of a life time to get get proper education about their Human Essence, its functionality, evolution and options for proper Energy management through Light Technology/Science as applicable in every faculty and to improve rapid integration of studies, intelligence, knowledge, healing modems such as in the departments of individual psychology and mental capabilities: 


We need to take steps to elaborate the basic principles of such a new paradigm of human understanding based exactly upon physics and metaphysics of Consciousness, Light and Space. We might also be somewhat horrified by the madness of humankind ruled by the mode of ignorance, the philosophy of scarcity, with an economy based on fossil fuels and war, and an emotional pathology of fear and self interest that derives from dual input.

Today every student should have the option to work through a New Structure that benefits all studies and research in schools and Universities through 

daily  disciplined realignment to their origin and interconnectivity's through the rewiring of consciousness and brainwaves which bring changes in the anatomy and eliminates/evaporates poor mental health and poor ethics regarding the stuck patterns in psychology such as fears, anger, distress, frustration, stress, anxiety simply because these factors hold back on skill building anything new.

If every student is given the option to clear their Essence from old mental/psychological issues on a daily basis through Light Technology or meditational alignments that deal with the Science of this Universe, then chances are these students turn into Mental Brilliance ready to serve the world with e Master Degree that invents what the world needs today and that is STRONG AND HEALTHY PEOPLE to create a world based on New Ethics globally.

THERE ARE MANY ways for the human organism to bio-couple into all living organisms at the pre-quantum level and infuses them with life and sentience at the most fundamental level : that is termed "Transduction Biophysics" which deals with the nature of living systems as inter dimensional biotransducers of the flux-flow or life force. These practices bring through self confidence, knowledge, skills, maturity and many more values than ever acknowledged.

The exclusion and non recognition of this primary sentient, all pervading, self-radiant fundamental form of light is what leads to the reductionistic tendency of so called "material realism" in science and leads modern biology into reducing life to mere molecular machines as does the whole field of genetic engineering and nanotechnology which is not without its valid merits and impressive advances but is essentially reductionistic, mechanistic and spiritless in it's orientation.

Therefor, IT IS PERFECTLY TIMED TO BRING NEW EDUCATION IN ALL SYSTEMS, BUSINESS, AND FACULTIES. Understanding how dualistic means operated for many eons is an essential Education through which the Human Essence can start to understand how we can remove the old standards and EVOLVE WITH NEW ETHICS based on the principles of Health, Wealth, Equality, Global Economic growth, Integrity, Intelligence and

NEW PHILOSOPHY that breaks down the veils of ignorance  and control mechanics or a whole system based on self interest versus Unitarian means on which all Universes operate.It is merely LIGHT ENGINEERING AND THE MISSING LINK IN ALL EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS.

Alignments bring instructions to BREATHE through Living Light which composes the very fabric of space and dynamically weaves itself into all of the forms of mass and energy comprising the manifest universe, is the very Source and wellspring of all life and is in fact that which is living in us in each and every moment.

The capacity to transcend linear time as a basic format of experience corresponds to the capacity (or aptitude) for spiritual  AUTHENTIC experiences and this higher range of experience is something that needs to be acknowledged, respected and centrally included into every FACULTY/TEACHING MODALITY  within a truly Mature Science of Light Technology and Education in all Systems which opens up ALL ARTISTIC VALUES!

For nearly 15 years now, I explored the deep physics of Space and Light, and the nature of the multi-dimensional universe in which we live, and breathe.

We can breathe new life into the most advanced ideas in physics by demonstrating how it all applies within the inner world, for any human being has the Universal right to RESET his entire Bio-Mechanism into 100% WELL BEING 24/7. It implies that deep study and alignments need to be integrated through Light Sciences to allow its various APPLICATIONS regarding the composition of mental/social/psychological and physical health.

A human being exists within Space, and experiences varied forms of consciousness at all times, yet mostly in the lower mental degrees which should evaporate from its Essence in order to EMBRACE THE TRUE NATURE AND CAPABILITY of human beauty.

Teaching how to understand how the concepts of physics can be applied directly to understanding the inner life and Self regarding light as having more a 'triune' rather than 'dualistic' nature should be ALLOWED AN OPEN DOORWAY IN ALL EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS AND ALL FACULTIES for it is THE DOOR TO DEVELOP NEW FACULTIES WITHIN EACH EXISTING FACULTY AND THUS NEW INVENTIONS REGARDING HEALTH, EDUCATION AND EVOLUTION ARE A NECESSITY. The old atomic structure is falling apart and opens the gateway  OVERRIDE RNA/DNA MALFUNCTIONS WHICH FLOWS IN SYNCHRONICITY WITH THE REBALANCING OPTIONS FOR THIS PLANET AND ITS MASSIVE SOURCES/RESOURCES;

We can no longer allow any societal avenue to block this kind of information for that would be very inhumane and does not flow with our human rights.  Every young brain can become a "hyper-dimensional crystal lattice" which is his nature through which any consciousness can be integrated and override density such as fear, panic, self-destructive motion, abused mentality , trauma and all psychological invasions swimming in the lower fields of consciousness. Becoming self aware creates self support.


Deciphering consciousness within phenomena, we discover the Divine Trinity

of MORAL, ETHICAL & SPIRITUAL VALUES! that were lost and need to be rebuild!


The Evolution of Education requires a New View, New Content, New projects and an Open Mind Policy in order to serve  the  Young students in High schools and students in Universities, Professors, Teachers , Young Physicians, Artists, Mathematicians, Biologists, Nurses, New Businesses, New Health dynamics, New Architects, New Master degrees.




The old perceptions of poor health ethics, fear and depression is exactly the prescription that needs to be deleted from our Mental belief system.

No religion, no culture can take away the atrocities of brainwash we were born into: we need to break down those walls of Ego consciousness or

IMPOSED IDENTITY ! SHIFTING CONSCIOUSNESS from one level into the next needs elimination of the frequencies that created mental/physical/psychological dis-eases which can be done on a daily or weekly basis depending on the re-programming allowed.

Our world consciousness has been conventionalised with multifarious, accidental and purposeless collisions of events creating relativity:

THIS PROJECT  BRINGS BACK THE LOST SPECTRUMS OF LIFE AND THAT IS BEYOND BIPOLAR BALANCES, THE DUALISM OF SCIENCE AND OPENING TO THE ARTISTIC VIBES everybody has stored within. We need to be concerned where life comes from or what conducts our life forces: beyond the physical we find all the answers that can merge while materialising essences in the physical, under the roof of a tremendous purpose.

A year long project could bring tremendous positive  changes in any school or University.

A seminar  and weekly upgrades into the Science of Light Technology would be of great benefit to all teachers worldwide as well as educators, scientists, physicians, artists and anyone willing to move into the Consciousness of Evolution and growth as the old model is collapsing. It has become a must, we can no longer deny the need to teach our students, no matter what age how to deal with and ELIMINATE any dis-ease that creates mental/emotional distress such as trauma and fear. Teaching  skills that allow the release of old mental/psychological issues is easy; yet that would need new disciplinary ethics and values which is quite a beautiful challenge. With it comes the OPPORTUNITY TO START BUILDING SKILLS AND OPEN UP TO THE ARTIST WITHIN!

ENERGY MANAGEMENT ; is all that it truly requires, yet hardly understood;  students deserve this knowledge and its applications.


Stuck breathing and bacterial feeding is main cause for all illness on earth including the mental/ psychological emotional dense codes one agreed too to ALLOW in the body and carried over through foods, many lower senses through the interaction with other people, animal products, low vibrations and frequencies. The breathing circulation system will be adjusted on several levels during this project of transformation/transmutation until it flows and waves through the body like the Rivers of life to restart global health.

When the breathing system upgrades, the atmosphere within and surrounding establishments creates new Group Consciousness and

Unitarian options to create from a new platform.= THE REPAIR OF ECOLOGY AND THE ANIMAL KINGDOMS

The brain will go through non stop shifts and levels of understanding​ in the bodies’ electronics or our own energy. Releasing the old also means we release fat cells in the body, toxic foods that go along toxic thinking and consciousness that is derived from other lives that are of no service today, and detach from old relationships. It overrides all of the densities, mental, psychological, physical illness not only in the body and brain but also in the environment.​

Many times when people train themselves , they get lost when it comes to getting a perfect healthy view together in their daily lives in which all components fuse into perfection. It is my intention during this project to train all the integrations with a practical movement such as how to merge with upgrades and how TO FIND ARTISTIC SKILLS, VALUES,  AND OTHER DYNAMICS  A ND MAKE LIFE A PASSIONATE JOURNEY FOR YOUNG STUDENTS!



Re-Organising Self matching the Re-Organisation of the Earth.

The Fusion of Eternal Faculties

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