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The movement out of Systemic Crisis leading to:

Health or Global Immunity to Mental/Physical/Psychological Dis-eases!

The Repair of the Earths' Ecology/Animal Kingdoms

In today’s society it takes extraordinary human beings to really dig deep into the problematic static going on with young adults far beyond any scientific/psychological evidence for the world has proven beyond doubt that there is lot more in-depth study and 100% engagement needed to come up with programs that assist and support new educational systems to stand strong in mentality, character building and healthy lifestyles that equalises goals set on the highest parameters of respect, equality and integrity.

Modern day life and environment need to match the brains' capacities in order to develop its fullest potentials with inventive measures and the sparkling of new ideas that work on the spot. For when fear and poor knowledge of the new era we are entering on earth stands in the way of embracing and daring to create new programs, the outcome equals apps that will not work in the future any longer.

If Professionals can bring through the necessary change in consciousness and are allowed to train new technology that fill up the missing links, that would introduce great change with 100% success.

When going into an observation deck for nearly 10 years now, its is rampant what kind of results we need to digest regarding old systems. 

Therefor, we need to see the need for new approaches and integrative programs that unify the same vision, values and perspectives for youth on many levels of consciousness. Today, maybe only 30% out of a hundred make it into a successful and abundantly satisfying life style. The other 70% falls back in fears, frustrations, self sabotage, control mechanisms and a high level of ignorance not knowing where to look for a waterfall that speaks truth and can bring and end to old traumatic circumstances when it come to the education of Inner Psychological Strenght, Mental Health and Physical well being.

Young adults today face a myriad of societal problems. As in previous generations, the social issues facing todays’ youth can have significant effects on how these young people will eventually turn out as they reach adulthood.
However, we are living in a society in which youth needs quick practical fixes or apps that work instantly, knowledge and proper projects that announce a new sun stream in their lives.

If one needs more trust, become fearless and energy efficient, then they need to be able to let go of the old attitudes and consciousness in order to balance out quickly and move on with new capacities and skills that are modern day because nothing of the old psychology will work any longer with the massive changes going on politically/economically/culturally.
Creating and implementing a high level mentality infused with disciplinary ethics, healthcare and new educational perspectives could change a young minds' intent to be willing to work for a life filled with joy. No trauma, no stress, no suicide, no confusion yet steel strength in unification while burning the separation ground floors that teaches how to move in unity with nature, assist the repair and balancing out of the ecological system that moves with the understanding and psychology of the Animal Kingdoms.

Science KNOWS the Earth fell out of its Axis position eons ego, yet refuses to bring the news for education is not allowed; Youth and our young children KNOW something is about to happen soon as many things in nature are returning back into the Origin which requires quite some teachings, knowledge, intelligence and engagement that work on the spot. 

Implementing the discipline of Light Technology, new ethics, perseverance and many inventive programs or knowledge that align with what is going on in society in order to give it a strong factor that is applicable by any teacher may offer many solution.
Teaching how energy/ecology/animals work in co-creation and where it comes from would already bring huge change in any young mind, BECAUSE THEY WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH. From understanding comes engagement and commitment to assist this HUGE PROJECT THAT IS SIMPLY "THE REPAIR OF THE EARTH AND ITS SPECIES".

If you get acquainted with how life sources/forces work through the human body and throughout Universes along all LIVING SPECIES, then you don’t get stagnant with the psychological content going on any longer that comes from trauma and scientific stuff creating drugs because WE CANBRING LIFE BACK INTO THE BODY, IN NATURE AND THE ANIMAL POWERS.
Putting young adults in their strength and passion and giving them a reason to live is not too hard to attain. It needs indeed a program, the will to go all the way and consistent support : daily/weekly/monthly and eventually a year program, a 5 to 10 year plan.

It is suggested that it is equally important that professionals are also willing to go through a clearing process of fears, anxiety, old mentality or anything that holds them back from being self on all levels and thus enabling them to sharpen their skills and achievements a thousand fold.

Here are some examples I assisted children, young people and adults with as they face a myriad of societal problems; for if they are not solved - how will they enable self to bring solutions to major problematic static within consumerism, the repair of ecology and the animal kingdoms? First things first.

For more then 10 years I have been advocating for youth and young children to assist the change in consciousness it takes to assist global repair of all species and nature. From synthetic feeding into healthy unitarian lifestyles only takes daily engagement, passion and knowledge.

* Medication/substance abuse : This teaching goes from the perspective of going to the root of the problem to accepting the problem to engaging

in self and opening the WILL to release it.

* Drug and alcohol abuse

* Depression & suicide
* Early sexual activity and having no understanding about their bodily functions
* Single parenthood is one other growing social concern that youth has to deal with seeking emotional and material support 
* Breaking the barriers of old mentality : eliminating fear, depression, arrogance, disrespect, anxiety... and integrating peace, joy, balance, ease and grace There are endless possibilities to change and override old Consciousness.

* Creating videos that explain the importance of becoming fearless and strong or about health issues, fitness, creativity, education, self respect and how to respect the Animal Kingdoms, ... any emotional issue that is difficult to overcome . The goal of these videos is to create an important support system other then social media in general as they address the bottom line of what holds young minds in captivity . This is a way to open many high level capacities in the brain that enhance the quality of thinking and thus lifestyles. 

The ego/emotional content in the body would be taken into account on many different levels to establish mental strength

* Teaching to tune into knowledge or move into the mechanisms/technicality/psychology of self through workshops

Inventive and analytical skills are imperative while supervising and holding unification and communication skills at my high heart.

This is a broad spectrum and a very innovative approach on which I could continually expand in order to align and merge with existing programs while living the interim of CHANGE globally speaking.

My intent is to create, design and lead a range of innovative training, participation, co-productive projects and programs ensuring that children, young adults and professionals concerned have an excellent experience of the process and the end product.







Time to Act!

Evolution & Mental Health

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