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“CREATIVE ALCHEMY FOR YOUTH & CHILDREN" The Art of Self Empowerment-Self-Development.

Updated: Nov 8, 2023




Self Discovery & Artistic-Creative Identity Our spirit, our psyche, our mentality, our character, our intelligence, our ways of surrendering are the head line ingredients to open your intuitive self, your passion and knowledge in most extraordinary ways. CHILDREN EXPECT MORE OF THAT IN THE INCOMING YEARS! Part 1: ART AS PZRT OF CREATION, THE ORIGIN WITHIN LIFE: THROUGH CODES, SYMBOLOGY, MATHEMATICS AND SACRED GEOMETRY ART IS ALWAYS IN FUSION WITH HEALING for it brings through authenticity and the inner Psyche or Spirit within the brains of young children; meant to eliminate blocks and a diversity of self imposed issues through which we will enable Children to find their Identity to reside on higher Vibes and understanding their electricity that does not allow any dense factors. Children will learn that art are codes can essentially bring through SELF DISCOVERY, SKILLS & SELF EMPOWERMENT THROUGH VALUE in a very fun and surprising way. WE WILL BE POURING AND SHAKING PAINT ON CANVAS: making color match vibes & Psychology WE WILL MAKE SKETCHES & TRIGGER PASSION WE WILL POUR COLORS TOGETHER & DEFINE CONSCIOUSNESS THROUGH NEURO SCIENCE WE WILL EXPLORE DIGITAL ART & DESIGN WITH: Adobe CS, Affinity Designer, Photo, Editor WE WIL EXPLORE VIDEO EDITING & MERGING WITH Premier Pro, Davinci Resolve, Hit film Express? WE WILL DESIGN THE SOLID PLATONIC SOLIDS AND REDEFINE SACRED GEOMETRY WE WILL MAKE OUT OWN ARTWORK FOR THE FASHION INDUSTRY: We learn about e-commerce shops, digital designs on apparel & home decor & how to start selling Art. WE WILL LEARN TO RECONNECT THE ART WITHIN SELF TO THE ART WITHIN ECOLOGY AND ASSIST THE RESURRECTION, THE BEAUTY AND NUTRITIONAL VALUE WITHIN NATURE, THE PLANT KINGDOMS, THE FLOWER KINGDOMS, THE HERBAL KINGDOMS, AND YOU WILL DISCOVER HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH NATURE ANS ASSIST THE WORLDWIDE PURIFICATION PROCESS. ART WITH THE ANIMAL KINGDOMS & PSYCHOLOGY ART WITH THE ELEMENTS THE IMPORTANCE OF THE ETHERS, WATER, FIRE, EARTH, AIR

Part 2 : THE ART OF PSYCHOLOGY Intensive explanation about the STUDY WITHIN COLOR and its influence on our thought patterns, CHILDREN'S' MENTALITY, intuitive capabilities, how to deal with blockages such as fear, resistances, low worth. We will always work with at least 3 colors: The first color in correlation with the astrological wheel that will be explained and reason why children are attracted to certain colors. The second color will always strengthen your first color which is very important. The 3e color can be seen as a completer in many ways. Knowledge and integration of these colors are absolutely ESSENTIAL TO GET CHILDREN INTO SELF EXPRESSION ON THE HIGHEST LEVEL When we miss out on the KNOWLEDGE needed in our creative outlet, this often times results rather in the creation of many stuck patterns. This part will teach Children how much fun it is to combine colors within art, their clothing, their body and self expression. The first 12 rays of creation will be explained along The 10 higher rays or colors The Diamond rays The Gemstone rays The gold tones The colors within elements in nature Part 3: THE ART OF PHYSICAL HEALTH FITNESS, CHILDREN'S' YOGA, DRU YOGA, ZUMBA, DANCE THE ART OF SELF EXPRESSION This makes up an essential part of becoming an Artistic outlet in which talents, gifts and unexplored consciousness merges with NEW CAPABILITIES, REFINED KNOWLEDGE, AND A PLACE IN WHICH THE PHYSICAL EXPRESSION MOVES INTO THE PSYCHOLOGY OF EXPRESSION THROUGH ART ON CANVAS OR OTHER CREATIVE ART SUCH AS JEWELLERY ART, CREATING DIGITAL ART ON APPAREL AND HOME DECOR : a huge challenge that demands true knowledge through the passion that awakens dormant talents and gifts. MANY PHYSICAL DISCIPLES WILL BE EXPLORED GIVING ENTRANCE TO A BRAND NEW WORLD FOR THE CHILD All children are beautiful dancers! Fitness empowers mental capacities and brings through new perspectives for Youth in search of their Identity, self worth and knowledge. When combining muscular stretching exercises with a good dose of self expressive arts that promote health within the circulation system; chances are all young adults will fall in love with their fitness discipline. Part 4: THE ART OF SPIRITUAL ESSENCE & MENTAL HEALTH The art of Meditation alignments with: Cosmological frequencies The art of color matching Consciousness The art of Geometric patterns The art of Astronomical connections The art of Star codes The art of self healing The art of self direction & connection The art within numbers Part 5: THE ART OF COMMUNICATION Learning to work with Transformative Languages: English Sign Languages Chinese codes, Hebrew Codes Communication with the Animal kingdoms How to write Poetry How to create a book with Affinity Publisher or Adobe Indesign Part 6: THE ART OF NUTRITION AND ORGANIC HEALTH Vegetarian or Vegan? Consumerism The impact of synthetic feeding Healthy diet and balance Anatomy, Neurology and Nutrition

BEING AN ARTIST is ESSENTIALLY EXPRESSING WHO WE ARE THERE IS NO EDUCATION OR MASTERY DEGREE THAT MATCHES THE HIGHER COSMOLOGICAL ART EDUCATION for it has been taken off the Planet for thousands of years now and reason so many young people are looking for VALUE in education or the missing links that have stayed dormant for so many eons opening their Passion, their mansion, their True Self WHICH IS BASICALLY WHO I AM AND WHAT I TEACH: AUTHENTICITY: SHARLOTCHI is my name being an Author, A Channel, A Teacher, A Light Linguist, An Artist of many mediums, A Digital Artist, A Physical Fitness Artist, An Arts Craft Artist, An Artistic Telepathic Communicator, An artist of Light Languages through Meditation, An Animal Professional Psychologist and lover of the Elements. I have been teaching, mentoring, coaching Children & Youth for more then 10 years now, teaching the art of Self Empowerment, Authenticity and Creative Self Development through the medium of merging Physical, mental, Psychological Arts with talents, gifts and unexplored skills for all the young. I have been teaching this in schools, after school workshops and seminars and also holiday camps: Photo's from my Teachings in India and Summer Camps in Belgium.

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