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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Chi energy and stagnation: Stagnation takes place when the energy you retain through your Breathing System doesn't flow as is being expected no matter your food intake, your vitamins, your minerals and other nutrients because energy stagnation has many many forms and factors to it which can be caused by mentality, by emotions, by physical diseases and even old belief systems or individual education. When there's not enough flow energy in one of the elements; your entire life, your entire body can get stagnated. I'm sure most amongst us have experienced some sort of stagnation somewhere, somehow or maybe for a long period of time and so most of the time the factors to take into account is looking at the five elements you're dealing with is if we discover the elements within the Earth. Looking closer at what the element Earth means to you, we may ask ourselves some questions: is it sustaining us? Is your food sustaining you, is your family sustaining you, your colleagues and siblings? If there is one factor out of balance or not in harmony with self, it is up to us to rebalance and harmonise where we lost it somehow. You may feel sick, low in vibration or even completely out of energy to perform even the smallest things in daily life. When looking at the element that is the circulation system which I term water and blood flow in the body that sustains us and that takes up the mineral/vitamin substances from the earth elements and you feel you do not have enough exercise so the blood cannot flow freely to your brain, to your body, your muscles and so much more, then that can cause severe stagnation. The same goes for the body of water: when we don't have enough liquids in the body to feed the higher senses or our brain capacity to think on levels of higher intelligence it may cause some sensation of being paralysed which cut down Self Expression/Stagnation. Another very important element is your fire energy: do you fuel your fire with passion, with joy and with things you love doing and finding fulfilment with it apart from family and jobs or anything in your life your fancy. These things matter so much that it may even cause passive reflections. When allowing passive experimentation it is actually the laziness that depletes the flow in the body and when the brain stagnates upon the flow it creates, we may also experience stagnation in the intestinal or one may feel cold all of the time. We have not been educated in how to manage our energetic levels in the body so no wonder the intestinal tract, the stomach, the liver, the adrenal glands fuse with the emotional body that basically stagnates the brian. Other then that, environmental issues also have a deep effect on all energy levels for everything in existence is ENERGY!

The best way to get out of any stagnation either mentally emotionally or physically is always being in the flow and harmonising all the elements within which may require some study and work. Then again, the benefits are massive.

There are other simple techniques to detox from formal lifestyles taking into account your intestinal tract. I created a fasting support or a detox essential oil that assists you along a Alchemy alignment that allows for the release of old dense foods in the intestinal track. When stagnation moves into a permanent situation it may create disease upon disease. People may lose their job which stagnates finances. When people are stagnated in finances, it may create depression which depletes the body even more and so it becomes an ongoing cycle. It is very important to move out of that cycle and redirect self through clearing procedures such as addressing the glandular construction, allowing some time to fast and detox . Like in Chinese medicine, there's a lot to learn here even when touching your acupuncture points and when you know it hurts somewhere; then you press even more which helps to de-block it , yet Light Chemistry may move a lot faster.


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