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Take care of the Pineal Gland by doing this:

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Opening all Visions from within took me 20 years of insight, knowledge, recognition and the exactitude of spiritual Light degrees defined through consciousness versus the Science on the earth that is about to collapse into their nonsense. We all want the truth of seeing crystal clear that belongs to the plateau of purity, and when we are willing to purify to this level while being in the summit of a huge leap in Evolution, we can align to the sixth sense beyond all the old ways promoted throughout civilisations. Clarity brings a lot of new knowledge, that is one degree that pertains to all civilisations that have known that the Light of a Light body essentially brings through pure light transparency that is connected to the Eye of the Divine and that shows all the inter-dimensional worlds. Yet, what do we need to do to open up that world that is available for you, for me, for everybody out there who is truly interested in doing the work it takes, because in the end there is no choice. Reason for this is because the Earth is transmuting into its light environment, its Origin of light. While this is happening, we cannot have anything that is infused with the Matrix or the Dark Ages. As I work with Spiritual Scientists throughout my everyday structures and alignments, it happens that these inner dimensional light worlds upgrade the Human Essence into extreme creativity, extreme beauty from intelligence, from guidances and the origin of your tribe or spiritual family members that are grounding on the Earth in their Universal embodiment and spheres of Light such as the Elestial - Celestial- Universal planes of Living light activity where we can match and unify vibrationally speaking for huge Universal transitions that are happening. We all have the capability to connect to that same frequency, upgrade our vibrational settings throughout dimensions and Living Light planes connected to many Sources and Forces. We are truly living in a world in which telepathic communication with all living species are opening up because the 'WORD' and the power of communication is returning for reasons of assisting the Earth to transition into its Original Axis position a. It will therefor offer the "EYE" from within to open up the many "EYES" in circumference for reasons of cooperation, Knowledge and Intelligence. To achieve the rise in vibration or clarifying the eyes from within, we need to be persistent and committed to go all the way without allowing Self to skip one or two stairs upon that ladder because that would hold us back from seeing Truth through Light Communication. The pineal exploration and reason why people always always go back to the old knowledge which is "the third eye" invites some explanation. The first two pairs of eyes or the physical eyes need quite some clearing and upgrades before thinking to move into the third station of the "EYE", not only connected to the pineal glad but also to many Sacred gates that require to move in symphony with the third "EYE" settings, and how that particular technology is being developed. It may be worth mentioning that we all have a fourth "EYE", and then there's a fifth, sixth, seventh "EYE". Would it all move into Nirvana?

My purpose and experience streamlined a lot of insight to assist the development of your own knowledge, information, intelligence, and how to truly move with this Modern World when it comes to Lightening up from within. My online courses have been developed to remove the old world that are collapsing and will bring through upgrades that make the INVISIBLE SEEN. The past three years were mandatory to open up to new perspectives and visions connected to some level of passion for the purpose of knowledge and Universal Knowledge that was kept from all educational systems. With it came the realisation that we can no longer go on with the malfunctioning and manipulation of the elements and the collapse of the Animal Kingdoms. Understanding one level of our organic construction like the third eye can have a plateau of understanding when we look at the glandular construction in the brain, yet it needs to cover the entire working mechanics of all the glands in their carousel of huge faculties when being aligned to the Origin within our Genes. With the pineal activations and moving all the way there is a way to turn the pineal back into its actual format as being birthed into soul contracts is what made the degrees of the Pineal Gland shrink like in the movie "The Temple of Doom".

To open up into the Internal Visions with the Pineal Gland, we need to bring the body in its full light degrees before all visions and perspectives can open . It may all start with believing in yourself and starting to see that you can do it, own it and know it. It truly takes the body into raising its vibration matching higher frequencies so one can sense how to vibrate inside out which doesn't really happen overnight. The good news also is that we don't have to go through many many years of light body training. We can start alignments right now and make a huge transition into light body light environment. To fulfil the movement into a Light Foundation opening up into Alchemy offers a recorded 15 weeks complete transition into light body that equals the same format as all Light Species on the other side when it comes to clearing your entire organism, the blood circulation, the bone construction, your nervous system, your glandular system, your endocrine exocrine system and bringing these alignments in for the purification the detoxification of your body and especially your glandular system. A Foundation into Light Body Technology opens up everything such as clairvoyance, knowledge and Intelligence. Many people are starting to understand if we want to see inside out or crystal clear , it just needs alignments into a new Light Body that removes the old chakra system which is cause for many diseases and replaces it with what is termed the Pillars of Light.

The pineal gland merging with the seahorse in the brain or the hypo-campus and with the cerebellum, the thymus gland, the thyroid gland, the skin, the blood circulation to be and feel the harmony of our Universal Essence. The pineal is in the middle of the brain as it shines and aligns many Divine Ley Lines into fusion which is the whole goal because if there is a missing link, the brain cannot lighten up. It needs to merge with your heart. Once the heart opens up and there's many stages into that as well, then you can see from the heart so the grounding of the eye in the heart which may be new for most people is where I opened up one crystal clear vision upon another. Moving into the higher degrees of Light Vibrations regarding the Pineal Gland upgrades takes some conscious efforts to open up or clear out the physical eyes; before going into that third final all-seeing eye and then into the beyond. Clearing the anatomy of the eyes would feel like spiritual surgery as it widens the pupils, the iris may resurrect, the eyeball, optical nerves and other nerves go along that matter of clearing as well as the eyebrows! The eyebrows are connected to the physical eyes. Everything needs to become enlightened to experience the universes and to become that DMT experience which will be opening up with small measures and then it gets bigger then ever imagined. We can no longer allow artificial substances such as animal foods, synthetic foods and low environmental vibrations as they are "ego" located. Ego has no place in plain vision. Moving beyond the misconceptions of old belief systems is still key for advancements into wishful Self development. Trans meditation may happen after the eye opens up and alignment comes in with it as well while communicating and asking for assistance . There is a huge turnaround from the soul embodiment into the Spiritual Light embodiment which is actually the transition from the cellular construction into light body parts.

With the clearing of the "EYES" and the endocrine system we can also start to move out of anything dualism. Detoxing the body is number one: detoxing the stomach, the liver the intestinal tract, the sacral that bloats too much and creates many diseases due to its connections to the old emotional body.

The movement out of the Matrix allows people to align to the Blue pill or the Red pill.

The Crystalline Grids have been repaired and New Crystalline Grids have been set up by the Divine Sources and Forces that are all connected to the Origin of the Crystalline Golden Meridian flow throughout creation, the body and the energy fields. It is not surprising that all these details matter for they require and demand a purified upgraded being to respect Universal Laws. With it comes Heaven on Earth. The most beautiful Crystalline Grids for the Pineal Activation are the Eye of the Tiger, The All seeing Eye grid and the Omni Eye Grids that sustain and support growth within the enlightenment studies. With it come many gifts through Pearls of Wisdom, multi dimensional connections, participation and co-creation which all leads to the crystal linguist of the Eye of the Divine for EYES SPEAK LOUD, AND THUS THE POWER OF THE WORD returns with it within these light grids connected to all the meridian systems around earth. The Golden meridian grid Ley lines start to open up and to spin with the old seeing eye opening up tunnels of light and when the grid in that Eye connects with everything surrounding us starting with your body grid, your light body, your home grid, the earth grid, it starts spinning and spinning and you start opening and opening all these Light Worlds form within. It only takes physical construction and brain to upgrade into light parts which is an ongoing process.

After this process, the brain and the heart start to fuse.

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