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THE VORTEX IV: How to Apply Your Geometric Code, design & Flow with it.

Many people this time around would love to receive their own codes. Would you love to see Star codes floating and transitioning through your energy field and through the home? Would you like to receive whatever the universe is bringing through for your own growth, for your own education, for multiple  diet options, to make your life brand new to make it interesting and at least to move with the flow that is aligned to your particular vibration.

 If you are interested to know how to get there, and receive  sacred geometry patterns or designs, how they can be applied in the body, what you can do with them to enhance the home and the environment, then the following podcast may be for you. 

It matters much that we set our energy field into NEW LITE/LIGHT VIBRATIONS available right now matching the New Lite Body vehicle or the platform into Self Mastery and Alchemy which is a simple training that allows for the eyes, the ears and your channel to open up to set in Light Codes

LGHT CODES have the capacity to bring deep transformations in the body and the brain while integrating the design that allows the changes in your life.

A design is connected to a specific COLOR CODE that could be any color designed to transform STUCK PATTERNS in the brain an thus rewire into a desired state of being that enhances well being, prosperity, success, joy, new perspectives and overall AWAKENING 

All these CODES ARE Channeled messages that can deeply enhance every day living as we are all returning into the Origin:

The Codes bring through empowerment, remembrance, insight, strength, skills,  and creativity,  while SETTING IN THESE STAR CODES IN THE HOME.

These Codes are geometric patterns that Lifts consciousness in the Home and anyone entering your home ,they assist you to move out of OLD CONCEPTS, OLD BELIEVE SYSTEMS, and anything you may be holding on in order to embrace your full capacity of Joy and fulfillments.

NEW VIDEO: How to upgrade the Vortex, Sacred Geometry & Light Languages - Sharlotchi

Once you feel the desire to truly move on and refine your alignments ; one can start to understand that our cellular construction is actually constructed by Divine technology such as the WIFI on your phone,  or computers.

Our entire body is a computer system made made out of mathematical designs,  geometrical patterns, that are NEW and that redefine SACRED GEOMETRY, EXPAND ON PLATONIC SOLIDS and assists the transition from Soul into spiritual consciousness

As spiritual beings,  we become Light/LITE particle waves that are embedded innto the body which brings through the LOGIC FOR THE NEED OF SOME SORT OF  light construction replacing the Cellular construction that can continuously work upon the transmutation over in light/LITE particles.These light particles become waves.  So many people in scientific orders are now  starting to acknowledge that there is a necessity to merge science and Spirit because it's the Origin of everything in Creation such as this 8-pointed RED STAR which is extremely potent.

It’s connected to the Eternal being, it's connected to everything you have lived beforehand into the know/NOW;  into the future of self,  that is already settled in the know,  otherwise you would no longer be alive and thus the Technology for example with this light code would come to the settings of an Eternal vehicle that rises with the new Tree of Life because every is Evolution.

Quite naturally the old tree of life cracked into pieces, it is dead and gone, while so many are still connecting to that old tree. It means that  the reception of data,  information,  designs,  just anything…, is tied to that world and doesn't work in the body anymore. It is also reason why many don't feel the lift into vibration.  Many don't feel the vortex is moving up and down, AND DIAGONALLY AND THROUGH THE BIOLOGY AND THE LIGHT VEHICLE AND THROUGH EXPANDED CRYSTALLINE GRIDS THAT ARE INDIVIDUAL AND so much more!

Many don't feel light Integrations in the body and the energy field with 144 Eternal spirals into the immortal bodies that we can reach out for att this time , and is  available to everybody. The only missing link would be the Individual fine tuning into the Gate of Knowledge and that is a new Aquarian age  opening right now so the RECEPTION of these light/LITE codes comes through easily, through  the new gate when you start vibrating inside out with the new Lite/Light vehicle that is “MERKIVAH” being settled up into a Universal pillar of light that deletes the old chakra system - that keeps one in the old cycles of soul that knows nothing but disease,  nothing but trouble,  nothing but malfunctioning;  and all of these stories I won't even talk about anymore because today we can all receive our own LITE CODES setting in very quickly .

It took me 20 years of study in Science merging Spirit and getting there as well,  and reason why anything on the Internet is piled with falseness of information regarding light body because if it were not then most people would be on  their Highway of Ascension and not putting out messages that come from a low vibration,  low Consciousness , Low Mentality and in the belief that everything on the internet is Truth; because that is what we see most of the time.

So, when it doesn't come from tWITHIN, the body may need a new training. We can see many have already opened up into the spiritual signs of sacred geometry,  numbers,  codes,  and it comes down essentially to the application of it and this is the point where many people are very very stuck for there is HUGE LACK when it comes to upgrading THE APPLICATION OF A DESIGN, A GEOMETRIC CODE, A NUMBER and aslo FOLLOWING THROUGH WITH IT because it is all connected to your personal Evolution that demands , or at least invites you to align to REQUESTED ALIGNMENT TO THE DIVINE.

The good news here is also,  if you're interested to open up a  very very fast forward movement; I HAVE BEEN DIRECTED TO OFFER NEW Individual personal sessions and that are geared towards realignment to design and quick  elimination of old to static experiences.


The First design would eliminate past traumatic experiences faster then the speed of Light. The Second design with the Dolphin waves reconnects the Self to the Orign to eliminate severe Imbalances in life. The Third design is an example that deletes EXTREME STRESS AND FEARFUL SITUATIONS.... Please read more via the Link offered above.

This session is geared to completing , eliminating and detoxing from anything experienced such as Bad parenting, manipulation, control, friendships, family member issues such as alienation or loss of connectivity, readjustments regarding jobs, while redirecting your true calling, eliminating fear, anxiety and many emotions. This session will bring clarity to see where you are at and how to best heal and shift your consciousness to gain strength, courage and new perspectives  while releasing any problematic static/diseases.

It is not always easy to understand what is happening and why we should leave some self created environment, connections, habits, addictions, relationships, health issues.


ALIGN TO DESIGN offers you the option to tune in with SELF, Have a look at the Designs that are optional to chose from, feel which one you need most, and ask yourself ON WHICH ISSUE IN LIFE YOU NEED TO WORK, RELEASE, HEAL, TRANSCEND immediately.

The Answer you will get comes from your Spark or Higher Self.

During the session, I will align to your Spirit and Teach you how to work with the design (often times multiple variations of a particular design), integrate, heal the issues out, give you advise on further applications as in how to work with it for other issues and EXPAND, EXTEND on that.

Such Sessions are very potent, very beneficial, for they not only ELIMINATE ISSUES FASTER THEN THE SPEED OF LIGHT, THEY ALSO TEACH YOU HOW TO ALIGN WITH SELF AND FURTHER THE HEALING OVER MANY WEEKS in a wy that you feel that you will want to become self responsible.



All my designs are channeled and created by Self through my Alignments and ongoing services to my Source, all Forces, the Universe all divine Species.

They are a culmination of 25 years of Scientific Research, Knowledge , Integrations and never ending devotion, growth and connectivity to the Divine.




Another reason why they are coming out now is because they are SACRED CODES, THAT BRING SACRED RELIEF , and also because too Many Theories are out in the world about Sacred Geometry and Divine Codes, yet HARDLY ANY INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE ABOUT THEIR APPLICATION AND HOW THEY REFINE AND REDEFINE THE SELF ON MULTIPLE LEVELS.

THESE SESSIONS WILL DEFINITELY BRING THROUGH  THE MOST INTERESTING JOURNEY EVER, as many throughout my individual session clearly stated that "My Recorded Word" wAs already enough to listen to as that is felt in the body and the brain instantly and thus instant shifts in consciousness happen quite like an automated locomotive vehicle.

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