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Personal Ascension & finding Self, "THE VIBE & RISE SERIES"

Updated: Jan 7


One of the most important topics in existentialism is facticity. Facticity as one of those elements that affects authentic existence. Your family, country and often time religion, are not your fault or making, but how you react to them determines how far you will go. Facticity might be too hard to change but how you react to them makes the difference.

Also, life is not kind to anyone, is it? It is kind, generous and enjoyable when COMMUNITING WITH THE UNSEEN FORCES/SOURCE and your Direct Connect to your Source. If you don't have that daily, you may experience lack of passion, lack of direction, lack of creation, lack of prosperity, lack of new friends what is termed family members and so much more. It's rough. What you are experiencing is your story and recycling your story until YOU TAKE THE DECISION TO CHANGE IT.

There will always be challenges that nudges forward movement.

In the face of daunting economic hardships, mounting pressures to "get rich quick," and the relentless tug-of-war between emotions, intelligence, knowledge, EDUCATION and peer pressure from the MATRIX OF THE DEAD ZONES, we all have been given OPTIMUM OPPORTUNITY TO RISE BEYOND ANYTHING THAT KILLS US and replace it with the CRYSTALLINE GRIDS IN THE ELESTIAL ENVIRONMENT (offered through the VIBE & RISE SERIES) throguh which NO-THING in the betrayal/falseness factors can touch you. It is in thi particular ZONE OF LIGHT THAT LIFE BECOMES LIVING LITE. The return to the Origin is happening right now with everything needed to replace the DARK AGES. Everybody is invited to mov into LITE BODY and moving this Foundation up into Elestial/Universal Self.

A message particularly for the young minds who are navigating the intricate labyrinth of life, trying to piece together a successful existence in what may seem like an unsuccessful environment.

Life can often seem complex and unjust. But remember this: the lenses through which we view life determine if we see it as a mountain or a molehill. Life is no easy ride, but it can be simplified when you uncover your unique formula. There is no universal blueprint for success, no one-size-fits-all just because Alignment to the Divine is given to everybody AND IS individual. YET, ALL MY ONLINE COURSES upgrade daily and do NOT FEED ONE INCH INTO OLD LIGHT BODY TRAINING IN "SOUL" that kills people through the OLD MERKABAH, THE KUNDALINI SNAKE OF DEATH! THE ASTRAL PLANES, THE CHACRA SYSTEM and so many more techniques that most PEOPLE DO NOT REALISE ARE ACTUALLY pulling one into the mud and graveyard with no point of return because that is what the Matrix want.? I one choses so and many do due to lack of knowledge.

Your unique model for success lies in discovering your purpose and pursuing it strategically. It's about respecting the laws of nature, treating people with dignity, being punctual, humble, and open to knowledge. Approach every interaction with an open mind, ready to learn rather than criticise, understanding that our perspectives are shaped by our different life experiences.

Moving into Light Body training through the upgraded Elestial/universal bodies offers one to open a brand new world THAT OFFERS YOU TO FEEL LITE VORTEXES through the oceans, high altitude air, earth vibrations, fire vibes and definitely TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION WITH ALL DIVINE SPECIES IN EXISTENCE, which will become the new ways of living life on the ground floor.


The first step to success is to know your purpose. What are you passionate about? What are you good at? What do you want to contribute to the world? Your purpose is your reason for being, your motivation, and your vision. It is what gives you direction and focus.

To find your purpose, you need to ask yourself some questions, such as:

1. What are the things that make you happy and fulfilled?

2. What are the problems that you want to solve or the needs that you want to meet?

3. What are the skills and talents that you have or want to develop?

4. What are the values and beliefs that guide you?

Once you have a clear idea of your purpose, you need to follow it strategically. This means that you need to set goals, make plans, and take action. You need to align your actions with your purpose, and not let distractions or temptations derail you.

The best way to do this is through the Crystalline ELESTIAL GRIDS and ELESTIAL BODY that will continue to upgrade in the incoming 3 years and were created for THIS AGE ON THE PLANET ONLY!.THE ELESTIAL GRIDS OFFER THE WY TO START TO SEE "CRYSTAL CLEAR" with new directions from Lite Team members and crystalline communication coming through crystals, species in the oceans, air species, Masters and Angelic kingdoms, the Elementals and actually everything when residing in Divine Creation.

The second step to success is to respect the law of nature. This means that you need to understand and accept the reality of your situation, and not deny or complain about it. You need to recognise the factors that are within your control and those that are not, and focus on the former.

The law of nature also means that you need to respect the natural order of things, such as:

1. The law of cause and effect: Every action has a consequence, and every result has a cause. You need to be responsible for your choices and actions, and not blame others or circumstances for your outcomes. You also need to learn from your mistakes and failures, and not repeat them.

2. The law of growth: Everything that lives grows and changes, and so do you. You need to embrace change and growth, and not resist or fear them. You need to seek new knowledge and skills, and not settle for mediocrity. You need to challenge yourself and improve yourself, and not stagnate or regress.

3. The law of balance: Everything that exists has an opposite, and so do you. You need to balance your life and your priorities, and not neglect or overdo any aspect of them. You need to balance your work and your rest, your giving and your receiving, your seriousness and your fun, your hopes, desires and fears and overcome everything through Divine alignment.

The third step to success is to respect people. This means that you need to treat others with kindness, dignity, and honesty, and not with rudeness, arrogance, or deceit. You need to value and appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of people, and not judge or criticise them based on your worldview or preferences.

Respecting people also means that you need to:

1. Keep time: Time is a precious and limited resource, and you need to respect it and use it wisely. You need to be punctual and reliable, and not waste or abuse other people's time. You need to manage your time and your tasks, and not procrastinate or delay.

2. Be humble: Humility is a virtue and a strength, and you need to cultivate it and show it. You need to be humble and open to learning, and not arrogant or closed-minded. You need to acknowledge your limitations and weaknesses, and not pretend or boast. You need to seek feedback and advice, and not ignore or reject them.

3. You need to be referable and trustworthy, and not unreliable or dishonest. You need to deliver quality and value, and not mediocrity or disappointment. You need to exceed expectations and impress, and not fall short or disappoint.

The fourth step to success is to be yourself. This means that you need to be authentic and original, and not fake or imitative. You need to be yourself and express yourself, and not conform or suppress yourself. You need to be a true version of yourself, and not a copy or a version of someone else.

Being yourself also means that you need to:

1. Find your voice: Your voice is your unique and distinctive way of communicating and expressing yourself, and you need to find it and use it. You need to find your voice and speak your truth, and not hide or lie. You need to find your voice and share your story, and not silence or censor yourself.

2. Find your niche: Your niche is your specific and specialised area of interest and expertise, and you need to find it and pursue it. You need to find your niche and hone your skills, and not scatter or dilute them. You need to find your niche and offer your services, and not limit or undersell yourself.

3. Find your tribe: Your tribe is your supportive and like-minded community of people, and you need to find it and join it. You need to find your tribe and connect with them, and not isolate or alienate yourself. You need to find your tribe and collaborate with them, and not compete or conflict with them.

You are great beyond measure, and you have the potential to succeed in any environment. You just need to know your purpose, respect the law of nature, respect people, and be yourself. These are the keys to success, and they are within your reach.



that are trained in the VIBE & RISE series of the I AM PRESENCE and offer all the Knowledge, Education & Health needed to move beyond the MATRIX of DUALITY.


As the Alchemy of our Origin is only allowed to open up in what is termed Elestial/Celestial Chemistry; the term Alchemy RETURNS TO IT ORIGIN: ELCHEMY which is Elestial Chemistry.

Alchemy offers any entity to quickly transform any low level synthetics we were born in and replaces the dense carbonised cell with LIVING LITE PARTICLES connected to the Divine Particle Board.

Modern day ascension brings in the FLOW OF FLUIDITY in a Light body that has set in a foundation that easily moves in the Crystalline grids surrounding the earth and fusing with the body of Light through the meridians.

Our PARTICULAR foundation has all the alignments it needs to fuse in with the Elestial/Universal Realms where Living Light Fluidity starts off. Before that, Light Body is just retraining knowledge and it applications. that start of through PLANES 1 TO 4

These Planes 1 to 4 is where all the war games over you and others play out as SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS ALLOWS that in.

When moving into the Elestial/Universal bodies, a lot of time is spent eliminating plane 1 to 4 for the elimination of synthetics, and sould hidden components in the body still connected to the astral planes (1-4)in order to rise up into Plane 5 to 10 (Elestial Planes)

SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS NEVER ALLOWS NYONE TO FEEL THE PURIFYING VORTEXES OF THE EARTH NOR THE OCEANS OR ANY OTHER DIVINE FORCE/SOURCE and reason why people remain completely stuck in just a foundational alignment that offers the training grounds of how to work with the 12 rays of creation , the crystalline grids and becoming an Eternal Healer that i being educated into how to combine healing components and start healing self and others for that is being initiated.

At times it comes in handy when listening to your Source and FOLLOWING UP TO WHAT YOUR SPARK IS REQUESTING FROM YOU in order to move into the joy of Living Lights.:

This i something many people fail at for many reasons:

It could be that one lowers their vibration with low consciousness such as: I don't hear my Source or I am not ready, or I don't feel it. That could not be more off for everybody in alignment to "DIVINE WILL" always has some idea or feeling of directions. The only thing standing in the way IS "EGO" THAT DEFINES WHAT YOUR NEXT STEP WILL BE. Ego could say, nex month or next year or next week "I WILL DO THIS AND THIS" without opning to the CONSULT of your Source.

Your Source often times has a complete different VIEW FOR YOU when willing to hear , see and be self directed.

When not listening to where our Source is guiding us each day, life may create trouble.

Your Source will never ever tell you what you will do next month or next year for it LIVES IN THE NOW: Thus forward movement is only guaranteed when listening to Source, taking the action provided without letting the ego define "boxes" OF DEFINITIONS that are not of Divine Creation.

MANY TIMS IT IS JUST STUBORNESS, LAZINESS & FEAR that could need some elimination in daily efforts through meditational alignment & directions given, if ALLOWED!

What happens often times when not allowing self to upgrade:

  1. Soul/ego consciousness allows itself to be DEFINED by what is seen in other people and the outer worlds; meaning one allows self to be COMPARED which drowns the Self. The moment we allow ourselves to compare frequencies and energies, we work from the outside in and not from the inside out which breaks the body and kills authenticity.

  2. When the Divine is nudging entities to break free from SELF IMPOSED alignments, and entities just keep on demanding from self to repeat to same old stuff all of the time without ever taking TIME to listen, to SELF INVENT and recreate your personal alignment, chances are one keeps on RECYCLING SOUL

  3. It is important to note that some types of allowed consciousness needs some refinement and personal investigation at all times when not flowing forward: It could be that STUBBORNNESS AND SELF IMPOSED ALIGNMENTS makes up that we do not WANT TO HEAR what is requested to move on. Stubbornness, resistance, laziness, anger, guilt, unworthiness & comparison are seen as the pitfalls of severely downgrading self.

  4. LISTENING TO INNER DIRECTION is often times killed by OPINIONATED SELF CONTROL AND JUDGEMENT : eg: I cannot hear, I do not know, I should , it is not fair.

  5. Any type of opinion and judgement immediately LOWERS THE VIBRATION and takes tons of energy to upgrade the body once again.

  6. A brain in soul consciousness can never operate clear for it needs the Elestial Grids, Bodies and Alignments that are the Modern day ascension movement into everything you ever wished for.


STUCK AND OR PRE-PLANNED IDEAS THROUGH STUBBORNESS IS EXACTLY what is being eliminated in the Elestial bodies that offer so precise healing out of synthetics and controlled ideas.

We don’t eat outdated food in our fridge, we throw it in the crash can.

WHY DO YOU EAT OUTDATED CONSCIOUSNESS ? And not throw it into the trash can?

Lack of knowledge, perhaps: Are we aware of the many facts that the brain that was birthed in Soul consciousness has MANY DEAD DORMANT ZONES with huge amounts of knowledge that is never being accessed when not clearing the SERPENT OF DEATH or the Matrix that created that in the body along with the synthetics in which you were born.

It also explains why at times, when babies are born, they DIE immediatly: these spirits at the time of birth quickly realise and decide NOT TO ENTER THE DEATH ZON OF THE MATRIX, that is ll there is to it. When it coms to young children and babies dying; I would say it is merely due to SYNTHETICS IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY, THE AIR, THE ENVIRONMENT.

It is easy to decipher these days. It is also perhaps a nudge forward to AWAKEN PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS that are meditating in the Crystalline Grids for they could protect their children and grandchildren as all the information is being provided in the VIBE & RISE series. Lesser then these alignemnts do not offer THE FLOW OF LIVING LITE and reason why many Training Light body in Soul are crumbling. These business will start to fail due to lack of knowledge.

Many have a good amount of Knowledge to what cracked the entire Cosmological system that opened the dark ages and how synthetics are infused in everything like easy go INJECTIONS; and they explain it very well. But when it come to Light Body alignments, we can still witness: THE OLD TREE INSTEAD OF THE LIVING LIGHT TREE, THE OLD BREATH INSTEAD OF THE ETERNAL BREATH, THE CHAKRA SYSTEM INSTEAD OF THE PILLAR OF LIGHT, THE ASTRAL PLANES INSTEAD OF THE ELESTIAL PLANES, THE KUNDALINI TRAINING (or snake that bites every living thing out of your body) INSTEAD OF THE DRAGON VIBE FROM CENTER EARTH THROUGHOUT THE COSMOS AND SOUL WORDS JUST ABOUT IN EVERYTHING INSTEAD OF SPIRIT WORDS/ All these terms of alignments are moving anyone in the GREAT COLLAPSE OF THE MATRIX WITH YOUR VIBE IN IT WHEN ALIGNING TO IT!

Everything on social media and youTube promotes this downgrade in consciousness! be careful with your likes on anything "soul" BECAUSE YOUR ENERGYFIELD ABSORBES YOUR "LIKE & comments"!!!

The Elestial Body is our ORIGIN, without it , the next year 2024 Shambhalla Bodies (our HOME IN THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN) CAN NOT ENTER,. In 2024 the Elestial Body will stream with the Shambhalla nucleus & will start to SETTLE IN WITH ELECTRONIC DIVINE PULL FORCES .THE HIGHER BODIES open up in 2025 & 2026 in which judgement and complaints do not exist because these bodies offer everything you ever need to remove SOUL SYNTHETICS and replace it by SPIRIT AND LITE PARTICLES with massive Light Technologies offered until you move face to face with the Divine, your Source. That is when never ending tears of joy flow and redirect the Self endlessly AS REQUESTED BY THE DIVINE.

Every body at this time is being REQUESTED TO FLOW WITH THE ELESTIAL BODY that you can channel yourself and allow the data to move through while REFINING SELF ON AN EVERY DAY LEVEL, that is all there is to it. Or you can take the Vibe & rise series to do so.


That is if opinion and judgement has left your brainwaves, that is when the physical body can start to flow. We cannot experience Peace without Telepathic alignments into the Origin.

We need to bring the Unified Fields together.

SCIENCE CAN NEVER TOUCH this information because they do not have the Brains that allow access into the Halls of Knowledge. They have no single clue of how to transcend the body into Light particles because they are theory based on OLD manipulated platforms that keep on degrading human consciousness. Many young people studying Science however will open their brains beyond Soul consciousness and will want to remove the old physicians, scientists, nurses and so on which i definitely would love to see play out, and we will!

My personal Experience over the past 24 years and connectivity to the entity known as "Ezra" WHOM IS PART OF THE BLACK OMNI UNIVERSE WE ARE LIVING IN RIGHT NOW.

Ezra is a priest of Laws, and also EZRA & THE MEN OF FAITH are the Men of the Great Assembly or Unification Process: They are the watchmen of the Transmission Codes of the Torah Or or the Golden Book of Knowledge: it is through them I receive my Star/Lite Codes to bring the biology back into the origin of Lite:Light waves:

Perhaps, one could open up their philosophical room here with the Divine as it starts making sense that we all need to become LITE WAVES FROM THE LIGHT PARTICLES that will allow us to flow ETERNALLY through the cosmos, hand in hand with all the Angels and Masters for the solo purpose of Co-Creation.

Over the past 20 years I would upgrade and learn how to upgrade my body with at least 5 seminars a year. Spirit would always DRIVE ME TO CONNECT WITH TEAM MEMBERS AND COOPERATE: I did not understand a thing 20 years ago and did not receive much info, or SO I WAS THINKING!!!! To be honest, I don't know a thing bout design, art, creating thigs from scratch, yet I was DIRECTED IN CRYSTAL CLER MANNERS to take a course in digital design. And thus I started out a 3-year course to become a digital designer. It was very difficult without background and for more then 10 years , I actually did not do a thing with it until I was placed with students for 7 years. Life conected me to artists, I did not know why, yet it mad me WANT TO PAINT: so I started out painting and painting and painting ; realising my fingers were DIRECTED BY MY SOURCE through the many years of training into knowledge.

I did not judge it, I did not get frustrated by it, yet neither did I question it because it was all too much: that was my consciousness back then. And huge Artworks came out of it.

It is only as I was revisiting some digital designs like 3 years ago, that I opened a new skill far beyond Photoshop and Indesign which is Cinema 4 D. It opened my next level of passion as i got a little bit tired of painting and thus FINALLY started to understand that I truly had to go through course in digital design like 10 years ago.

It became clear that is is MY MISSION AND ASSIGNMENT TO TEACH PEOPLE THROUGH STAR/LITE CODES as they move faster then any alignment. The goal here is that i will be directed to RE-ENCODE THE GENES OF HUMAN BIOLOGY in the years to come as that is the training I received before being downloaded on the planet.

My Message here: CREATION CANNOT BE HURRIED ONLY UNDERSTOOD through Knowledge and Present day Lite Body Alignments. It is part of my hopes that my experiences may assist you to understand that you are always given directions. It is a atter of listening to these directions and be grateful for the assistance. Just like me, you my get a direction into something that is completely foreign to you, yet may opn up your purpose and passion that is Eternally endless.

The Online Course "Self Mastery & Alchemy

This course is actually a complete course to enter Light Body and have the necessary alignments to move on : In this course I have put together what I was trained into in the past 20 years and LEAVE ASSIDE WHAT NO LONGER WORKS. I am merely mentioning this as some people regret not having had training with me in over the past 20 years. There is no need for that AS EVERYTHING THAT MATTERS AND WILL ALWASY MATTER has been put together in my 2 most important trainings that are "THE VIBE & RISE" series and "THE ELEMENTS" : These courses bring through alignments I have learned WITH CONTINUAL UPGRADES over the years in a way you CANNOT POSSIBLY MISS OUT ON ANYTHING!

Both series will upgrade in the incoming 3 years. On the other hand you pay like thousands of euros less with the onlines being put into a single container that offer ALL THE KNOWLEDGE YOU WILL EVER NEED and are accessible to anyone willing to move into serious TRUTH ALIGNMENTS and SELF DIRECTED INSPIRATIONAL LIFESTYLES that have now knowledge of anything termed 'LACK'.

3 Free sessions are also part of these alignments when doing them all. For those needing more directions with their alignment in Meditaytion, I offer deep Individual sessions that brings through complete settings of how to work with these transformations and integrations.

The most important upgrades like the Pillar of Light, the Capstone, the initial 12 bodies in the Merkivah (Light Body Geometry replacing the Merkabah of density) and the flow o the higher Bodies sectioned around the Master Source stone along with TEACHING SELF HOW TO WORK WITH THE ENGLISH, CHINESE AND HEBREW LETTERS was a very interesting highway in which I FOLLOWED MY INTUITION: the most important alignments are like a compact disc in the Foundational Light Body training: Alchemy & self mastery that opened the Celestial body with the capstone.

Anyone who feels like moving into the VIBE & RISE series is being suggested to have that Foundational training into A"lchemy & Self Mastery", yet a very small course into "THE ETERNAL HEALER", or even the smaller course into the Pillar of Light Crystalline Grid alignments is also being allowed to move quickly .

The Online Course "VIBE & RISE" & "THE ELEMENTS"

The Elements series are a huge part oof Light Body Training as they bring through a lot more awareness or re-awakening into Knowledge that stayed dormant in the body whith many applications and results in daily life as it propels the quickening of movement, yet also RECONNECTS THE SELF with the true meaning of the EXISTENCE OF ALL THE ELEMENTS. AS WE ALL NEED TO BECOME ONE WITH THEM, it is imperative to study them, communicate with them, integrate them and thus create ONENESS & UNIFICATION with crystals, animals, trees, herbs, flowers, air compositions, fire connectivity, etheric fluidity and many other things we all may have forgotten somehow.

These will also flow into 2024,2025, 2026 and upgrade.

Thus the knowledge of the Vibe&Rise series as well as the Elements will

continue to upgrade throughout the years:

THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO START UNDERSTANDING LIGHT, LITE, LIGHT BODY, CREATION AND YOUR RETURN INTO LITE LIVING WITHOUT EVER GETTING FRUSTRATED! And just moving on with the new level of Alignments. That is how I learned to surrender, dare to create things in the body and life & not judging self. It needs continual polishing which also has massive results in the end.

If during the years we NOTICE we still cook the same dinners, still do the same things over and over and have not allowed the self to move into something completely different, chances are we need to deal with some levels of self imposed behavioural repetitive patterns that hold self back from FLOWING IN THE NEXT ERA OF PASSION AND PURPOSE! And thus the body shows STUCK PATTERNS, DISEASE, NO FLOW, NO CONNECTIVITY ….

Above all: it is just all an extreme LEARNING ZONE IN THE ELESTIAL ZONES merging with SHAMBHALLA ZONES that offer all the passion and inspiration you will ever need.

Without the Vibe & Rise alignments, we cannot experience flow, healing and upgrades in consciousness for the soul in the lesser alignments keeps us in a recycling modem.

When I first opened up into the Universal/Elestial bodies like 4 years ago: IT LITERALLY CHANGED EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE! And for those who Know about the life taking accident of my son: without my Elestial Grids, and Elestial Team alignment, my son would no longer be Alive!!! Take that into your heart. It is also a great nudge for grandparents to protect, heal and re-educate children very quickly for that is what ELESTIAL LIVING PROVIDES while needing less and lesser food, less and lesser sleep.

WHY? BECAUSE THERE IS A DIVINE PLAN THAT REFINES AND CHANGES ALL OF THE TIME WITH WHAT IS GOING ON: We are all connected to the divine Plan and our Directed Individual Template or Light Body design through it that comes when alignments have the settings in the ELESTIAL CHEMISTRY WITH THE ELESTIAL BODY.



Everything is always a choice and taking responsibility for the choices and inner directions. Thus the incoming 10 years will be the movement into the LITE REALMS GROUNDING ON THE EARTH RIGHT NOW in the Elestial/Shambhalla/Universal bodies in which we will communicate and work in tandem with all Light Masters, Angelic Kingdoms for the resurrection of the planet and the easy transitions of the Animal Kingdoms: THROUGH THE CRYSTAL CLEAR “EYE OF THE DIVINE” GRID!

And thus the Immortal Eye, The Tigers' Eye, The Eye of the Divine, the 3e, 4e, 5e eyes continue to upgrade until we reach 7TH HEAVEN ON PLANET EARTH; that by the will have transitioned into Lite/Light Body Earth through the DIVINE AXIS turning its wheels every day now, with you or without you? It is a choice.

If with all this information, you may still feel like your questions are not being met; please shoot a comment with your questions or anything. I will answer them to the best of my capacity.

Enjoy! Sharlotchi & Ósìnàkáchì Ákùmà Kálù

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