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THE VORTEX V: Knowledge is Self Empowerment?

If knowledge is power then how do we get there ?; and doesn't everybody want to get into the knowledge of how to deal with every situation in life including psychology, mentality, emotional turmoil, including finding solutions for every situation?  That is because knowledge requires in first place intelligence .Intelligence opens up skills. Skills open up new faculties. New faculties  such as different Educational Systems in Psychology, Philosophy, mathematics, Geometrics, History and so forth.  We need to know and REALISE WITHIN THE SELF how the cosmos works.  As we're part of the cosmos, we can move into self-empowerment where all the knowledge opens up;  and so often times it's very very dangerous with modern day people to interact and to have some type of Consciousness about these people  without knowledge; because we make assumptions and we don't dig deep in their psychology.

Most of the time  we act like we are sponges when we haven't installed our Authentic self. We allow the integration of consciousness from other people in our embodiment. When  eliminating everything that is embedded in the Deep levels of subconsciousness as well as the subconsciousness itself; and we start to eliminate what is hidden ; chances are that loads of knowledge opens up.That hidden psychology,  that hidden knowledge is part of Education, that is part of knowledge of any former lifetime , that is also part of  being birthed on the planet and having been educated somehow into the authenticity of Living Lite and living Lite (from Light into Lite) opens up the age of knowledge right now. We are made out of knowledge because the cell construction has loads of memory codes within it, and also has a storage for knowledge, a storage for skills, a storage for purposes, passions and so much more.

Everybody is so beautifully unique in their own knowledge when  polishing those skills to get there and eliminating what stands in the way.  It actually requires a complete rewire in the brain, in the glandular system,  in the nervous system, especially  the water of the body because the Muddy Waters that almost makes up 90% of the body is where we find the highest level of sensitivity or sensual communication with knowledge.

We can communicate with knowledge because it is embedded into every single essence of creation, a flower carries knowledge, a crystal carries knowledge,  the ground floor or geography carries knowledge.  They all have Ley lines;  and when these Ley lines connect with our Ley lines and also the Ley Lines of our Biology, then the body  opens up that knowledge.

Cosmology has knowledge,  geography has knowledge and so we can go on and on and on. Knowledge opens up when the perfect construction for knowledge has been set in and it brings with it self empowerment which is pure energy.  there's nothing else;  and energy can go down,  it can lift you up,  it can go throughout the entire Cosmos,  to everything in existence,  or it can lower your Consciousness and thus one can feel this empowered vibration  and close the door to lower Fields of creation.

If knowledge is power,  it knows upgrades in every faculty we can find in universities yet they are not accurate so we can open the same faculties in our brain.  The Faculty for Philosophy for Geometry,  The Faculty for recalculating  ourselves out of the past,  the faculty of philosophy,  psychology and especially as well the faculty here that goes all the way in reconnecting many that is  anthropology and so much more making our lives so much more interesting. 

It takes quite some education, yet also never having an opinion or judgment and taking responsibility of the self polishing the self , polishing vibrations  such as in eliminating adding,  eliminating adding,  eliminating adding certain types of Consciousness, skills, values, archetypes can be done because the purification process actually allows for new levels of knowledge to be integrated in the body the brain and so we actually reformat the brain into a new form .

Knowledge today comes in very handy as we need TO KNOW (as through intuition, telephony, channeled information etc) the exactitude of data when dealing with organisms, organisations, enterprises, business, for everything in life to balance up in exactitude and perfection. Multi- channeling knowledge is the way to go these days and offers massive solutions in ALL DAILY SITUATIONS.

Becoming a co-partner in Creation offers many values, skills and educational platforms to drink from such as the SPOKEN WORD from the rivers, the Seas, the Elementals, the Elements, the Animal kingdoms and just about everything that HAS LIVING LITE CONSCIOUSNESS, for we WERE CREATED THAT WAY 8 Today we gain access to all that forgotten Knowledge as many feel lost in the overload of education Light Systems that swirl through the old matrix; THE NEW TREE OF LIFE , LIGHT BODY EDUCATION and flowing with the higher bodies that are the New Elestial, Celestial/Shambhalla and Universal Bodies as well as the re-integrative Measurements, telephonic training with the Elements into the CHAPTER OPENING NOW ON THE PLANET THAT IS ‘THE INVISIBLE RAY LIFTING THE VEIL, and revealing truth or making the unknown realms of Living Light/Lite and training grounds VISIBLE.

This Age opens the Crystallisation of the body: Moving in from a carbonised construction into Living Light/Lite requires the Flow of A Light Body and Mastering the Alchemy, then flowing with the Higher Bodies (Elestial/Universal/Shambhalla(the new celestial Body) and then opening up to the Elements that assist you as you co-operate. 

All these trainings and upgrades offer Knowledge on the spot, trains in receiving your own Knowledge, trains in digging deep into Cosmo-Logical Knowledge as there is no Earth-Logi available. With it comes that we subtract what is not part of you, and add what is truly you with sacred codes, designs, geometries, Living Lite Languages, cosmological codes, the New tree of life that adds new fruits every day. It cannot be otherwise then you will flow into an extreme interesing life for it will be pilled with Knowledge, Intelligence and wisdom which are just a few skills and many other virtues that will quite naturally align with "WHO YOU ARE" which is the whole quest on earth now that Truth has been revealed.

Right now, we entered a great timeline which allows us to make NEW CHOICES everyday, to study the self, to become a Master of Energies through meditational alignments and many practices that bring fulfilment and true Joy.

It truly cannot get more beautiful.


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